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How To Help

Seminole HEART, is a coordinating organization, which uses funds to purchase equipment and supplies used by volunteer and faith-based organizations.  All donations are used to assist individuals prepare for or recover from disasters. 

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Unloading SuppliesWhat can your organization do?  

  • Encourage disaster response preparedness programs including education, training and information.
  • Form a disaster response team
  • Pass this information and opportunity for action and training on to other non-profit and faith-based groups.
  • Provide us with contact information of interested community and organizational leaders from your group who can work with Seminole HEART in forming local unmet needs committees. 
  • Invite Seminole HEART or the Office of Emergency Management to meet with you and/or other leadership for more information. 

Repairing RoofWhat type of activities can your group help with?

  • Preparedness Programs
  • Disaster Feeding / Canteen Services
  • Emergency Shelter Support
  • Home / Disaster Repairs
  • Land clearing after disasters
  • Crisis / Spiritual Counseling
  • Medical Services 
  • Donations Management 

 In addition to these items, you can:

  • Form a volunteer team to assist in your neighborhood / community
  • Donate food, clothing, appliances, a trusted food donations center.
  • Donate professional services (counseling, legal advice, medical, etc.)
  • Help with food pantries / services

Cutting Tree Consider becoming part of the Seminole HEART team to assist your local community in disaster response and recovery.

Any other special skills or services.

Seminole HEART • Seminole County's Interfaith Nonprofit Coalition • 501c3

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