Hazard Preparedness


Seminole County is no stranger to wildfires as much of the County lies in the urban/wildland interface.  Burn Bans are issued each season to prevent fires from damaging homes and endangering individuals. Every year many acres of land and homes are destroyed by wildfires that can spark from anything such a cigarette butt thrown out of a car window to lighting strikes. Wildfires are a fact of life while living in Florida but there are measures that can be taken to protect your home and property.

  • Remove any dead or dying vegetation around your home which can become potential fuel for a wildfire.
  • Keep any firewood stacked away from the house.
  • Keep a buffer zone or “defensible space” of 30 feet from your home by keeping flammable materials such as brush piles out of this zone.
  • Trees inside of the defensible space should be trimmed with their branches no less than 10 feet above the ground.
  • Keep grass and weeds maintained properly.
  • Talk to your landscaper about fire resistant vegetation that you can use in your landscaping.
  • Recycle yard waste through mulch and compost rather than burning.
  • Keep a ladder capable of accessing your roof in an easily accessible place.