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This section is intended as a quick reference guide for people moving to Seminole County or considering relocation.

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Everything a successful business could need is right here. Seminole County has prepared for growth with everything from a new expressway to pre-approved development sites, specialized job training, and infrastructure incentives.  This is a community well prepared to do business with business.

Every business in Seminole County is required to maintain a current business tax receipt. There are seven municipalities within Seminole County.  If a business is located within a city limit, two Business Tax Receipts will be required ~ one from the city and one from the county. The Business Tax Receipt (formerly known as occupational license) is issued by the Seminole County Tax Collector's Office.

Florida has no state income tax or inheritance tax. Sales tax is 7% in Seminole County.


Seminole County schools are renowned for excellence. Consistently rated as an "A" school district, tor the past 44 years, SAT scores in Seminole have exceeded state averages. The Seminole County School Board oversees the public education system. There are also several colleges and universities available in the area.

  • Find out what school zones you are located within.


Board of County Commissioners

A five person committee called the Board of County Commissioners is elected by the voters of Seminole County to act as the legislative branch of county government with each representing their district.

  • Find out which Commissioner represents you.

Constitutional Officers

Constitutional Officers are also elected officials and they have their own set of responsibilities to the citizens. They decide for themselves how to perform their duties and answer only to the voters.

Officer Phone Some of their duties
Clerk of the Court (407) 665-4300       Official records, public records, traffic fines, jury duty, law library, marriage license, passports   
Property Appraiser (407) 665-7506       Property valuation, ownership changes, parcel boundaries, tax exemptions
Sheriff's Office (407) 665-6650        Criminal alerts, advisories, program information, county jail, law enforcement,
Supervisor of Elections     (407) 585-8683        Voter registration, polling locations, election results, elected official precincts
Tax Collector (407) 665-1000      Property taxes, hunting and fishing licenses, vehicle tags and titles, business tax receipts

Other County Agencies

There are also other important county agencies that maintain the quality of life in Seminole County.

Agency Phone Some of their services
Health Department            (407) 665-3000        Birth and death certificates, health services, news, education
School Board (407) 320-0000 School system, kindergarten to grade 12, lunch menus, bus schedules

Municipalities (Cities)

Seminole County includes seven unique municipalities and boasts one of the region's highest standards of living. Take a moment get to know our cities and see what makes us Florida's Natural Choice. 

State and Federal Officials

Make sure you register to vote so that you can have your voice heard on who your elected state and federal officials will be from the Governor to the Congressmen.

  • Find out who your political representatives are and where to vote.


There are several high quality hospitals and clinics within Seminole County. The Health Department and Alert Seminole both provide important health alerts and services. Both the city and county fire and law enforcement agencies work together to ensure the safety of its residents.







Seminole County has a high concentration of technology based jobs and several large, well-known employers such as Concentrix, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte Consulting, Verizon, Veritas and AAA, among others.

Job Opportunity Web Pages

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A wide variety of recreational opportunities are available including parks, trails, wilderness areas, libraries, museums, and local attractions. Seminole County is halfway between the major Central Florida theme parks and the coastal beaches.

Seminole County's visitors and tourism office, OrlandoNorth Seminole County, has a plethora of information on things to do in Seminole County, including:

Our sports office, OrlandoNorth Seminole County Sports has information on our sports facilities and events.


Making your way around Seminole County is easy. With I-4 and State Road 417, you can be anywhere you want to go in no time. The County also has an international airporttrain station, and a bus system.

It is illegal to drive with an open alcoholic beverage in any vehicle. Seat belts are required to be worn. All children six years old and less must ride in a child restraint car seat. Florida mandates no-fault insurance for all drivers. Personal injury protection and property damage coverage is required.




The County provides water, sewer, and garbage collection service to unincorporated areas. Cities provide their own services. The watering restrictions apply to everyone regardless of your provider.

  • Find out who your utility providers are.


Water & Sewer


Garbage Collection



Seminole County Government has its own cable channel!

Tune in to SGTV on Bright House Networks, Channel 9, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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