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Business Emergency Preparedness and Response

Preparing your business for a disaster

These recommendations are provided for informative purposes only. They are not intended to be, and should not be construed as, an attempt or effort by Seminole County Economic Development, to manage or direct any other company’s business affairs.

Although the Seminole County location, in the center of the state, provides some natural protection against major storms, which tend to have weakened by the time they reach us, it is important for all our businesses to have plans in place to prepare for possible emergencies, respond during a disaster, and know what actions to take after a disaster, for the health and wellbeing of staff and clients alike, as well as for the continuity of service and business recovery.

Here are some tips:

  • Take some time to assess your risks and review your insurance policy with your insurance agent, attorney and/or landlord. Remember to include an inventory with pictures of equipment and supplies, in case of loss.
  • Determine in advance what kind of equipment, supplies or preventive actions your business must take to prevent or minimize loss in the event of an emergency, and have those supplies ready.
  • Establish in advance a way to communicate with your employees regarding any changes to normal operations, and if possible, an alternate payroll method should banks not be accessible after a disaster.
    Have handy an emergency contact list including your employees, partners, vendors/suppliers.
  • Consider your facility, take a tour of your business space to identify a safe room that could be used if a disaster strikes without warning during business hours. Include a first aid kit, weather radio and battery-operated radio in your safe room.

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