Gis (geographic Information Systems)


Seminole County GIS is a geospatial resource for not only county and city staff, but its businesses and residents as well. Our GIS Library has over 300 layers of information. We also maintain digital aerial photography (historic and current).

Looking for specific information such as location of an Emergency Shelter or Fire Station? Want to check the Zoning of a particular parcel? Looking to visit a County Facility, Library or a Neighborhood Park? Check out Seminole County's Gallery of Maps. These are a series of maps and apps designed to be simple and easy to use.

How does GIS benefit Seminole County?

Watch a few employee testimonials on how GIS is transforming how we do business at Seminole County

Love History or Nature? Check out our 2 Cool Story Maps - A Journey Through Seminole County's History and A Photo Tour of the Geneva Wilderness Area.

Also take a look at a host of other interesting interactive maps, both internal and external, or download and print some static maps (pdf).

The Information Kiosk is designed to help locate popular geographic features within Seminole County. This includes information that relates directly to a location - political districts, land use and zoning, utility providers, schools, parks, bus stops and more.

All our maps are best viewed on Internet Explorer 11 or higher, and Chrome.

GIS Data is available for download as Esri ArcGIS geodatabases. Please note that our web maps are down between 5 and 7 pm on Fridays for maintenance. Use the My Resident Page. This provides a listing of information.