Hurricane Debris

Detailed Information About Facilities

General Information

Operating hours at both facilities have been extended to 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM; 7days a week, until further notice.

All regular acceptance policies at the transfer station and landfill remain in place.

Traffic, operational and safety issues, and FEMA tracking issues are important concerns for waste delivered to the landfill and transfer station.

Increased Traffic

Be aware that with the additional traffic at the facilities, unloading times are much longer than normal.

Safety Concerns

Impatience at facilities may lead to unsafe situations. Do not try to race through facilities. Whether you use the facilities daily or are a customer unfamiliar with using the facilities, please follow all posted rules and regulation. Be aware of other customers.

FEMA Monitoring

FEMA has specific rules for tracking debris management activities conducted by cities and counties, so it is important that this process be carefully monitored for compliance with the FEMA guidelines. The monitoring effort may lead to additional facility slow downs.