Development Processes & Requirements

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                              REZONE                             PD REZONE                           SUBDIVISION                         SITE PLAN  

*Electric Transmission Rights-of-Way Guidelines/Restrictions*

All Processes are Reviewed By the Development Review Committee

(Departments / Divisions participating in Pre-Application/DRC Review)

Building Division

Impact Fees / Concurrency

Planning and Development Division

Public Works - Engineering

Public Safety - Fire Safety

Public Safety - Addressing

Environmental Services - Water & Sewer Utilities

Health Department (Septic)



*Denotes Final Approval Step

Development Review Committee (DRC) Meeting:

*Site Plan Final Approval -  
Based upon the information generated and/or the recommendations of the Development Review Committee, the Planning Manager will approve, subject to stated conditions, or deny the site plan except as stipulated in the specific district requirements of the zoning regulations.

Rezones, PD Rezones and Subdivisions Review (excludes Final Plat)  - County staff meets as a technical review team to discuss issues and respond to questions by the applicant.

*Final Engineering - Once Final Engineering plan complies with all requirements, it shall be approved by the County Engineer.

Planning & Zoning Commission / Local Planning Agency Public Hearing:

Rezones, PD Rezones and Subdivisions (Preliminary Subdivision Plans only) -  After receiving staff’s written recommendations and input from both the applicant and the affected public on the rezoning and subdivision (PSP)application, the P&Z / LPA makes a recommendation to the BCC.

Board of County Commissioners (BCC) Public Hearing:

*Rezones, PD Rezones - After the P&Z considers the rezoning application, its recommendation is forwarded by staff to the BCC for decision. The BCC considers the rezoning application and may reject, approve, or conditionally approve the development proposal based on recommended changes. Should conditions be imposed in association with the rezoning, they are reflected in a development order.

Subdivisions - *Final Plat  



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