Code Enforcement

About The Office

Location: Sanford, FL
Phone: (407) 665-6650

The Zoning Code Enforcement Office employs five uniformed officers certified by the Florida Association of Code Enforcement.  The office receives approximately 3500 requests per year from approximately 168,000 citizens and cover close to 400 square miles in Seminole County.

The County is divided into sections based on the number of complaints received each year.  A section is then assigned to an officer to investigate all complaints received from citizens in that area.  Please feel free to call and make an appointment to meet your Code Enforcement Officer.

Code Enforcement personnel are always available to attend special meetings, Homeowners Association Meetings or Neighborhood Association Meetings to educate and inform the public about the importance of code enforcement in their communities.


To preserve and enhance the quality of life within the unincorporated portions of Seminole County by providing the public with responsive service and assistance pertaining to growth, development, and code enforcement issues.


Code Enforcement is responsible for providing enforcement of County Codes relevant to land development and building construction and policies. Zoning violation inspectors respond to citizen complaints and concerns; research and determine nature and severity of violations; establish remedial action and time required for code compliance; maintain records necessary for effective, legal enforcement; process code cases, through re-inspections, proper notification, and scheduling for code enforcement board hearings; review codes as necessary, for revisions/amendments in keeping with community needs; provide countywide monitoring to determine effectiveness of adopted code; and process condemnations/clearance cases and provide assistance through the Community Development Block Grant Program.