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The New Building Codes went into effect on December 31, 2017

Building Permits (BP) Online offers building permit information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Use this service to apply for miscellaneous permits, schedule inspections, retrieve inspection results, look up plan review comments and view permit application status. Click the button below to get started.


 * Fire Inspections are not available for scheduling through Building Permits (BP) Online. To schedule a fire inspection, please call 407-665-7422.

* BP Online works best with Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers. It may not function properly with other web browsers, such as Safari and Chrome.

Now there are two ways to access your account. Choose below:


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  • View permit information.
  • Pay online.
  • A convenience fee will be assessed during checkout when paying online.
  • Use any web browser.
  • Request a Permit Application Number.
  • View permit application status.
  • Schedule inspection.
  • View inspection results.
  • View plan review comments.
  • Use Internet Explorer or Firefox for best results.
  • Call 407-665-7422 to schedule a Fire Inspection.

BP Online Frequently Asked Questions

What information is available online?

  • Submit a Request for Permit Application – Submit requests for applications. The application process is finished through our Electronic Plan Review application.
  • Application Information - View general information such as the name of the contractor, application status, and property owner.
  • Plan Tracking Status - View the status of the review steps associated with your application. Select the underlined choices under Agency Description to view agency comments related to your application.
  • View Fees - View all applicable fees for an application/permit.
  • Permit Status - View all applicable permits associated with this application and their status.
  • Inspection Scheduling - Inspections may be scheduled, and rescheduled. All requests must be submitted prior to 12 a.m. the day of the inspection. See instructions below.
  • Inspection Status - View the inspection status for applicable permits associated with this application and their status.

Please note, the Building Division will not be able to do a concurrent plan review without prior approval from the Planning and Zoning Division. 

IMPORTANT:  BP Online Services are compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox Web browsers, and might not function properly with other browsers, including Safari.

If I apply for a permit online, how long does it take to get my permit?

After you submit an application you will receive an automated response, confirming that your application was successfully submitted, along with your application number. You may now use that number to track the application’s progress.

What if it shows the wrong property owner when I try to apply for an online permit?

That’s OK; please continue with your application. We always verify and correct the owner information before issuing any permits. However, if you notice that the current owner is not listed in our database, please let us know in the “Notes” section of the online application. An executed warranty deed with all signatures or a HUD settlement statement may be submitted with your permit package.

What if I don’t have a computer?

We currently still accept permit applications over the counter at the Building Division office located at 1101 E. 1st. Street, Sanford FL 32771.

What is my permit number?

Your permit number is assigned during the application process and can be found on the paperwork you receive. It is also referred to as “application number”.

How do I schedule an inspection online?

Step 1: You will need the following information to schedule an inspection:

  • Permit number - located on the top right of the application (Note: “permit” number = “application” number)
  • Type of inspection to be scheduled

Step 2: From the BP Online menu, select “Schedule/Cancel Inspections”, enter the permit/application number, and select Submit

Step 3: Select “Schedule an Inspection”

Step 4: Choose the permit for which you need the inspection

Step 5: Choose an inspection from the list or select one of the other options to see more inspection choices

Step 6: Select the inspection you want and then choose from the list of available dates

For more information about scheduling inspections, please contact the Building Division at (407) 665-7050.

Why won’t it let me schedule an inspection?

There are a number of reasons that you might not be able to schedule an inspection online. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Some fees will prevent inspection scheduling. Go to “View Application Fees” to review  any outstanding fees.
  • A project modification has been submitted and is still in plan review
  • Permit has not been issued yet, or is on hold.

Contact the Scheduling office at (407) 665-7050 for more help with scheduling inspections.

Can I cancel an inspection online?

Yes, if you are canceling prior to 12 a.m on the day of your inspection. If you need to cancel an inspection of the day of your scheduled inspection, call the Building Division at (407) 665-7050.

How can I find out who my inspector is the day of the inspection?

You can check online who is assigned to your inspection. Select the following link:  which opens the Building Permits online page.  Select the application number option and input your permit number, then select the Submit button.  Once the new page opens, select Inspection Status from the options in the left column. Select the type of permit inspection you scheduled, then select the Inspection Type scheduled for today.  A new page will open listing the type of inspection, the Inspector’s Name and phone number. Simply call the inspector directly to find out when he or she expects to arrive.  While we make every effort to accommodate everyone's busy schedules, we cannot guarantee specific times for inspections.  Actual arrival times vary, depending upon work load and locations.


For other questions or comments about Building Permits Online, please use the “Email Us” option from the online menu, or call Seminole County Building Division at (407) 665-7050 or email us at