Markly Jean Charles
Purchasing and Contracts Manager
Markly Jean-Charles<br/>Purchasing and Contracts Manager

Purchasing and Contracts Manager

Areas of Responsibility:

  • By code, serves as the principle public procurement official for the County and responsible for the Purchasing and Contracts Division (PCD) operations.
  • Develops, recommends, and implements operating policies, procedures, and programs to affect the efficient and effective operation of PCD
  • Ensures that all procurement are in accordance with Florida Statues, the County Purchasing Code, and County Manager's procedures
  • Organizes and administers Division operation to include: the procurement of all supplies, service, equipment, materials, construction, professional services, and tangible property control/disposal
  • Executes and approves contracts on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners in accordance with express delegated authority
  • Plans and recommends short and long range goals for Purchasing and Contracts Division
  • Prepares and presents Division's annual budget and related financial reports
  • Assures continued adherence to the parameters of adopted budgets
  • Initiates and effectively recommends, for final approval by the department director, hiring, performance evaluation, disciplinary, and/or commendatory actions of assigned personnel
  • Researches a wide range of Purchasing and Contract issues and provides narrative performance measurements and statistical reports, including recommendations for consideration by the appropriate level of authority

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