Alternate Recycle and Yard Waste Collection Day, 12/28/19

Unincorporated Seminole County Residents who’s weekly recycling and yard waste collection is every Wednesday will receive a special makeup day for curbside recycling and yard waste collection on Saturday, December 28, 2019. 

*Yard Waste and Recycle bins must be curbside by 6:00am. Please do not mix garbage or yard waste with recyclables.*

Customers subscribing to yard waste collection (Service Option 1) are allotted a combination of fifteen (15) bags, containers or tied bundles.  Each bag, container or tried bundle must not exceed fifty (50) gallons in size of fifty (50) pounds in weight.

Branches must not exceed four feet (4’) in length or four inches (4”) in diameter.

For any questions, please call Seminole County Solid Waste Management Division at 407-665-2260 or via email:

The service level lookup provides unincorporated Seminole County residents the ability to lookup their individual collection service option levels and billing units.

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