Strategic, Tactical, and Resilient Interdiction of Violent Extremism (STRIVE)

Strategic, Tactical, and Resilient Interdiction of Violent Extremism (STRIVE)

Course Summary

Strategic, Tactical, and Resilient Interdiction of Violent Extremism (STRIVE) is a collaborative, 2-day training event that explores how community-based efforts to prevent terrorism and counter violent extremism (CVE) fit into our nation's broader homeland security mission.

The tuition-free course brings together public-safety practitioners and their community partners to learn and engage in meaningful discussions about the principles and practices that form the foundation of countering violent extremism in our nation's communities. 

Utilizing guidance from the Department of Homeland Security on preparedness, along with the application of proactive community policing strategies, STRIVE participants will:

  • develop an accurate, current, and well-informed perspective on terrorism and violent extremism in our communities;
  • explore why terrorism and violent extremism occur, and detect the key environmental and social elements that enable and sustain it within a community;
  • explore the merits of implementing a Community of Practice model as a tool for preventing terrorism and countering violent extremism at the community level;
  • identify information-driven, community-based strategies that deny terrorism and violent extremism of its intended objectives; and
  • recognize the significance of resilience as a mechanism for dealing with fear, uncertainty, and disorder that terrorism and violent extremism can inspire.


STRIVE is a national training program that directly supports the U.S. strategy to prevent terrorism, counter violent extremism, and build community resiliency in support of our nation's National Preparedness Goal (NPG). This course has been certified by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Preparedness Directorate, National Training and Education Division (NTED) and is listed in the registry of approved courses as published by NTED.

Target Audience

STRIVE is intended to engage diverse audiences of community stakeholders involved in, or seeking to be part of, community-based CVE efforts. Inclusive in design, STRIVE is appropriate for sworn law enforcement, public-safety personnel, as well as non-sworn community members. Targeted audience members include officials representing local, state, tribal, and territorial leadership; community leaders (including faith-based groups and community organizations); campus communities; law enforcement (all levels and to include fusion center personnel); and representatives of communities targeted for recruitment by violent extremists, and additional relevant stakeholders.

Online Registration

Prior to participating in a STRIVE course, all participants must first obtain a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number, a unique identifier used to maintain individual course completion records, at Then, participants must register online to reserve their seat at