Solid Waste - Household Garbage Yard Waste And Recycling

Assessment And Collection Options

An annual assessment for the services provided through the Solid Waste Collection & Disposal MSBU is collected in advance via the property tax bill. Assessment for these services is compliant with the governing ordinance and item 403.7049 of the Florida Statutes. Each residential dwelling unit on a property is assessed as a billing unit. Assessment records are managed through the MSBU Program.

Residential property owners are offered a choice from the following collection options at the noted assessment rate. Property owners generally prefer option 1 as it offers all service categories with the greatest frequency of collection. Newly constructed homes are assigned option 1. New owners of existing homes assume the prior owner’s option until a change is requested.

Collection services are provided by contracted service providers. Specific days of collection and collection routes are established by contract. Household garbage is collected either Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday. Recycling collection varies throughout the County.  Yard Waste collection is Wednesday.

The Solid Waste Management Division monitors the service providers and provides customer service relative to collection and disposal activity. For specific information or assistance regarding collection or disposal services, please visit the Solid Waste Management Division web site or call Customer Service at 407-665-2260.


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(unlimited volume)

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Service Year

Annual Assessment
Service Year

Collection Days per Week

Assessments are paid in advance on the
prior year's tax bill

1 2 1 1 $220 $225
2 2 1 None $213 $218
This chart shows how the assessed funds are allocated:



Property owners are encouraged to request desired option changes by August 15. All change requests for the new service year that are received on or before August 15 will be recorded for inclusion on the property tax bill to be distributed in November. Collection option changes can be requested on-line or by contacting the MSBU Program. Owners will be mailed a written confirmation of requested option changes.

Option upgrades (changes resulting in an increased assessment) are processed throughout the service year with the pro-rated assessment increase being direct billed to the property owner or as a separate charge on the next available property tax bill.

Option downgrades (changes that yield a reduced assessment) must be received by August 15 to be effective with the forthcoming property tax billing and the new service year. Option downgrade requests received after August 15 will be held for implementation with the following tax year.