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As a resident or owner of property located in unincorporated Seminole County, you have access to a variety of services and improvements that are generally available through municipalities. The most common services available to residential properties located within the unincorporated boundary of Seminole County are street lighting and solid waste collection and disposal. Funding for these services is provided through non-ad valorem assessments which are billed annually along with property taxes.

There are two basic types of non-ad valorem assessments located associated with the Seminole County MSBU Program - capital project assessments and variable rate assessments.

Capital project assessments are related to construction projects that required extended financing over a period of years in order to enhance the affordability to property owners for project repayment. For such projects, an assessment is levied when the project is approved and collection begins when the project is completed. If the assessment is not paid in full when the projects is completed, then, on an annual basis, a fixed installment billing is posted to the property tax bill for collection, until the assessment has been paid in full. The balance may be paid in full at any time. Property owners can obtain information regarding the pay off amount by contacting the MSBU Program.

Variable rate or open-ended assessments are levied for MSBUs that do not have a set closure date and for which annual assessments are calculated based on the budgeted cost to provide continuation of the service or improvements in the forthcoming year. For example, the assessments associated with solid waste collection and disposal, street lighting or lake management (restoration & aquatic weed control) MSBUs are variable rate assessments.

Each year in August, the proposed assessment roll (lists of assessments by property) is reviewed and approved by the Board of County Commissioners at a Public Hearing. Once the assessment roll is approved, the assessments are certified for collection through the property tax statements distributed by the Tax Collector.

To learn more about the municipal services available through the MSBU Program and/or non-ad valorem assessments, please review the Non-Ad Valorem Assessments brochure and take a few moments to browse this website. If you have questions about available services or assessments assigned to your property, please contact the MSBU Program. Friendly, knowledgeable representatives are available to assist you!

Non-Ad Valorem Assessments Brochure [PDF]

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