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Construction - Rolling Hills Environmental Remediation

Community Meeting Notice

Current Status:  Contracted environmental remediation services have accommodated the improvements required for transitioning the land for public purposes. The funding required in support of the remediation work to date has approached the maximum allowable respective to assessment-funded services. Preparations are underway for finalizing the capital assessments at a public hearing with the Board of County Commissioners by July 2020. As additional information becomes available it will be posted and a Notice of Public Hearing will be mailed to owners of property within the assessment boundary. For additional information about the park, please visit the Leisure Services Department webpage.

Background History:  Through a variety of community efforts, the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners received requests to consider the purchase of approximately 100 acres of land (formerly used as a golf course; Rolling Hills) for dedication and use as a public park. In the process of evaluating these requests and potential land acquisition, various cost components and funding sources were evaluated by the County. In 2018, the Rolling Hills community (owners of residential property in close proximity to the golf course property) was petitioned to determine the percentage of support for establishing an assessment district [MSBU] to provide funding for the critical environmental remediation efforts mandated to prepare the property for use as a public park. Following determination of sufficient community support, and consideration of proposal at a public hearing, the Rolling Hills Environmental Remediation MSBU was created by the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners. The land was subsequently purchased by the County. The assessment boundary for this MSBU includes 1160 residential properties. Assessments are allocated on a per parcel basis based on proximity to the park property.  Category A parcels that abut or have frontage to the park are assigned a preliminary assessment of $2,135 with an annual installment billing of $185 per year if financed through the County.  Category B parcels that do not abut or have frontage to the park are assigned a preliminary assessment of $1,068 with annual installment billing of $93. The repayment (installment) period is identified as 15 years. The maximum cost for environmental remediation to be funded by assessment allocation is $1,500,000.