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Adopt-A-River ProgramWhat is this Program?

The Adopt-A-River Program is a program that facilitates the monitoring, clean up, and enhancement of stream/river segments of Seminole County and is open to individuals and organizations interested in helping the environment. Learn more about this program from the public service announcement below:

Program Mission

To develop community networks that encourage active participation in the protection of natural resources in Seminole County by educating residents and businesses with hands-on restoration activities.

Current Health Safety Guidelines for COVID-19:

This volunteer opportunity IS currently available; however, please read our SERV Event Guidelines for Health Safety and Volunteer Screening Questionnaire for more details.

Why is your Help Needed?

Many of Central Florida's waterways have become polluted with trash and debris. This, along with stormwater runoff, has created a negative impact on our water resources. Removal of trash is one of the many ways to help reduce pollution. We can also help conserve urban wildlife habitats with the removal of nuisance plants. This, along with education, will maintain the balance of our natural areas.

What Does It Mean If My Group Adopts a River?

Volunteers agree to hold a cleanup along a particular section of water body at least twice a year. There is also an educational component where participants learn about water quality, conservation and environmental issues. Also, every volunteer (adult or child) who participates during a cleanup must have filled out an Adopt-A-River Individual Hold Harmless & Indemnification Agreement to participate. This agreement is valid for one (1) year.

Who Do I Contact For More Information?

Required forms to fill out for the Adopt-A-River Program:

Help Spread the Word!


Here are some informational materials that you can print and distribute:

Ten Simple Things You Can Do To Help Local Rivers Or Streams:

  1. Join the Seminole Education, Restoration & Volunteer Program.
  2. Get to know your local rivers.
  3. Attend a Florida Yards & Neighborhood (FYN) Workshop.
  4. Coordinate a cleanup in your area.
  5. Learn more about water resources*
  6. Protect riverside greenways.
  7. Maintain your septic system.
  8. Place stormdrain markers in your neighborhood.
  9. Conserve water at home.
  10. Reduce use of pesticides and fertilizers in your landscape.

*Please also visit the Wekiva Wild & Scenic River System webpage to learn more about protecting our important waterways!

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