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 red arrow Analyze Your Market   Find your customers.  Locate your competitors.  Demographics for Seminole County, its cities and the Central Florida area, as well as labor market data for your all-important market research.
 red arrow Create Your Business Plan  The business plan is your formal statement of your business goals and your plan for reaching those goals.  Find how-to information, sample plans, and connect with local organizations that offer business plan writing assistance.
 red arrow Determine Your Business Structure  Learn about the different types of businesses and find the one that best suits you.   Examples are sole proprietorship, limited liability company, partnership, corporation, and S corporation.
 red arrow Meet Your Legal Obligations  Where do I get a business license?  What about taxes?  Employees?  What is required by local, state, and federal governments?  Find the answers to these questions here.
 red arrow Obtain Financing  Locate the capital you'll need to start and grow your business.  Funding is available through private and governmental resources and includes grants, loans, venture capital, and more.   
 red arrow Operate Your Business  Forms, suppliers, insurance, and safety.    
 red arrow Seek Support  Get personal counseling and assistance from local business professionals and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

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