Materials Donations Policy

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Collection – Policies
April 2011
Donation of Materials

DEPARTMENT POLICY: The Seminole County Public Library will accept donated materials.

DEPARTMENT BUSINESS RULES: The materials will be evaluated to determine how they will be most beneficial to the library.


The Seminole County Library System accepts materials donations. Staff will designate donated items for inclusion in the collection based on need, for the general library collection, or for the Friends of the Library.

The following criteria will be used in determining acceptance of materials:

  • All material donations become the exclusive property of the Seminole County Public Library System.
  • Material donations may or may not become part of the Library’s collections.
  • The Seminole County Public Library System will not accept donations on which the donor places restrictions.
  • Material donations accepted by the Seminole County Public Library System are judged upon the same basis as purchased materials, i.e.: the Materials Selection Policy.
  • Material donations are accepted with the understanding that if the Library cannot use them, it may at any time dispose of them in any way it sees fit.