Museum of Seminole County History

The Museum of Seminole County History is dedicated to preserving the history and culture of Seminole County and its place in Central Florida, and educating the public on its unique heritage.

EXPERIENCE THE HISTORY OF SEMINOLE COUNTY! The Museum highlights Seminole County, the historical gateway to interior Central Florida via the St. John's River. All artifacts in the Museum are donated by the local community. Exhibits, artifacts, maps, documents, photographs and special events all tell the stories of Seminole County's inhabitants, their lives, lineages, and heritage. Join us for an engaging look through the past, which includes - The Native Americans of Central Florida - Early Forts and Settlements - Industrial and Agricultural Development - Life in Seminole County towns in the 19th and 20th centuries - The Old Folks Home (built in 1926) - County Services - Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, and more! ADMISSION: $3/Adults (plus tax) $1/Children, Students, Seniors, Military (plus tax) Children under 4 admitted free


From Humors to Healthcare: Medicine in Seminole County

From ancient times to the modern era, see how our knowledge of healing has changed over the centuries, and how those changes directly affected Central Florida! Archaic wisdom and strange superstition intersect in this timeline of medical tools and technology.

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