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1878 -1913 Black Schools In Seminole County

Oct. 7, 1878 #54 colored school est. in Sanford
Teacher J. S. Sistrenk
Sept. 6, 1880 #35 (c) est. at Ft. Reid
May 1885 #35 Mr. H.S. Ballard teacher
Nov. 2, 1885 Enlarge Georgetown (c) school
Oct. 1886 Ft. Reid (c) teacher-N.W. Robinson
Sanford (c)-W. C. McLester & wife
Sept. 12, 1887 Sanford (c) T.J. Thompson teacher
Ft. Reid (c) N.W. Robinson
June 20, 1893 Sanford (c) Mr. & Mrs. W.C. McLester
Mrs. N.L. Jackson, Mrs. M.L. Walker
Goldsboro-(c) #48 Miss L.C. Brewer
Oct. 22, 1894 Ft. Reid (c) Mr. W.J. Stokes
1901-1902 Sanford #62 Thomas R. Reed
Mrs. R.A. Hamilton, S.D. Lampkin
Carolyn A. Kerr, Elizabeth Ody
Sept.19, 1905 Mr. R.C. Aldridge (c) Oviedo
Miss Sadie Garvin (c)teacher at Longwood
Aug. 21, 1906 H.H. McCray appointed to Goldsboro
Oct. 12, 1909 Assistant teacher Bill Lampkin at Goldsboro
Oct. 3, 1911 Trustees of Sanford were allowed to negotiate a loan of $4,000 for building a colored school
Elise V.Lee teacher at Longwood (c)
Sanford (c)- Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Allston
Oviedo (c) Miss Jessie Campbell
Nov. 7, 1911 L.N. Crooms Sanford (c) School
Charlotte Sermons Geneva (c)
Bessie Story Horton-Forest City (c)
Feb. 6, 1912 W. R. Coles Geneva (c)
June 12, 1912 Sanford (c) Principal J.N. Crooms, teachers; Miss W,M, Graves, Fannie Eaverly, Mrs. M. J. Stokes
July 2, 1912 Oviedo (c) Marie Wilson principal
Altamonte (c) Ollie Ward
Longwood (c) Nellie Tillinghut
Ft. Reed (c) Hattie Perrin
Forest City (c) Bessie Horton
Chuluota (c) Mrs. Nellie Adams
August 26, 1913 Sanford Herald newspaper article appears : Notice Teacher's Examination in and for Seminole County
Will be held at Sanford, Tuesday Sept. 2nd.
For white teachers, in the High School and for colored teachers in Hopper's Academy

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