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The Seminole County Historical Society manages a Gift Shop at the Museum to raise funds for programs and historical preservation projects. The following are items that can be purchased online or at the giftshop. Please call or email before ordering to obtain a shipping amount to add to your check, which should be made out to Seminole County Historical Society.  Shipping fees vary according to the size of the item purchased.  Allow 7 to 10 business days for delivery. All items must be prepaid before shipping.


  • "The Senator" at Big Tree Park (3,500 year old cypress tree)
  • Museum of Seminole County History (main building, 1926)
Big Tree Park PostcardMuseum Postcard
Postcards are $.35 apiece or 3 for $1.00 (Tax Included) 
A History of Altamonte Springs Florida by: Jerrell Shofner $10.00
Ashley's Shadows by: Charlie Carlson $12.00                                                  
Crossing Division Street by: Benjamin Brotemarkle $24.00                                
Flashbacks The Story of Central Florida's Past by: Jim Robison & Mark Andrews $10.00
Fiddler's Curse by: Randy Noles $15.00                                                
Florida Conversations by: Edgar John L'Heureux, Jr. $ 10.00             
Florida Pioneer by: Rebecca Weiss $14.00                                           
From Ft. Mellon to Baghdad by: Charlie Carlson $3.75                     
Geneva Reflections by: Geneva Historical & Genealogical Society $3.00
Henry S .Sanford Diplomacy and Business in 19th-Century America by: Joseph Fry $9.25  
Henry Plant Pioneer Empire Builder by: Kelly Reynolds $24.00           
Jacob Summerlin King of the Crackers by: Joe Akerman, Jr. and J. Akerman $20.00
Judge Platt-Tales from Florida by: Doyle E. Conner $10.00                 
Life of Robert Agustus Mills & his Family by: Laurence L. Kolber $15.00
Martin Anderson by Ormund Powers $25.00                                             
Memories of Seminole County Families by: Kinlaw- Best, Patterson & Carlson $18.00
Midway- The Midpoints by: Victoria Brown Smith $38.00                        
Never Enough Money to Leave Town by: Ed Winn $12.00                          
Oviedo- Biography of a Town by: Richard Adicks & Donna Neely $26.00
Protecting Paradise by: Peggy Cavanaugh and Margaret Spontak $12.00
Rails to the Past by: Jim Robison, Editor $2.00                                        
Strange Florida II by: Charlie Carlson $14.00                                               
Swedish Cookbook by: Svensk Kokbok $10.00                                          
The Way Hit Wuz by: Mary Ida Bass & Barber Shearhart $20.00             
The Last Ride by: Glenn "Pee Wee" Mercer $20.00                                 
The History of Monroe by: Charlie Carlson and Christine Kinlay- Best $10.00
The Morning of Joy by: Edgar John L'Heureux, Jr. $10.00                    
Wekiva Winter by: Fredric M. Hitt $15.00                                                     
Weird Florida by: Charlie C. Carlson $19.95                                                   
When Celery Was King by: Charlie C. Carlson $3.00                               
Wizard's Tux and Tales by: Charlie C. Carlson $12.00                                     
You Can't Sink a Rainbow by: Edgar John L'Heureux, Jr. $10.00

Florida Time Union Books:
Sanford Vol.1, 2 & Sanford/ Ft. Reid $48.15
Altamonte Springs, Clay Springs, Lake Mary & Wekiva $30.00
Longwood, Sylvan Lake, Wekiva & Crow’s Bluff $30.00
Enterprise, Osteen & Sorrento $30.00
Chuluota, Gabriella, Geneva & Oviedo $30.00
Images of America Series:
Altamonte Springs by: Jim Robison $20.00
Longwood by: Central Florida Society for Historical Preservation $20.00
Sanford by: Sanford Historical Society, Inc. $20.00
Long the Wekiva River by: Bill Belleville & Jim. Robison $23.50
Auto Train by: Wally Ely $23.50
Kids' Books
Manatee Coloring Book $2.00                                                                    
Reptiles and Amphibians of Florida Coloring Book $2.00                       

Other Items
Citrus Labels (Set of 6) $5.00                                                                      
Celery Pins $8.75                                                                                           
Small colored candles (2 inches) pink, purple, or cinnamon $1.00 ea.         

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are $15/year for individuals, $25 for a family, $100 for Patron and $300 for a lifetime membership.
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