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Road Smart Video

*Road Smart - Driving Skills For Life [5m30s]
*Aggressive Driving Public Service Announcement [30s]
*Heaven Can Wait - Belt Up [45s]


Courtesy Counts When Picking Up Your Child On or Off School Property (PDF) [53KB]
It's Not a Bus Stop, It's a Must Stop (PDF) [453KB]


MOCK THIS: Teens, D.U.I., and Brain Injury (EXE) [12MB]

For information on Red Light Running Confirmation Lights e-mail

NOTICESHow to report illegal passing of stopped school buses (PDF) [25KB]

                                                              School Bus 



Child SafetySeminole County has expanded their already aggressive Child Seat Safety program through the Safe Kids Seminole County Coalition and the Community Traffic Safety Team partnership. Whereas it is recognized nationally that 4 out of 5 car seats are improperly installed and that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of traumatic death to children, the Coalition/Team is hosting Car Seat Fitting stations at eleven different locations throughout the County, by appointment only each month, as well as setting up larger check-up events with car dealerships and retail stores on a regular basis.

Our upcoming Child Passenger Safety Check-up Events are:
Scheduled Events


Car Seat Fitting Stations
Seminole County Schedule Jan - Jun 2016 (PDF)
Orange County Schedule (PDF)

The Educational Program has a schedule of 2 hour classes all over the County and enables attendees to receive a child restraint device at a discounted rate depending upon their financial status. The class is open to parents, caretakers, foster parents, grandparents, etc. Contact Robin Butler at (407) 665-5641 for additional information.

The Team/Coalition has brought back the Child Restraint Offenders Program (C.R.O.P.) with classes each month at the Florida Safety Council.

The Child Restraint Offenders Program (C.R.O.P.):

  • Enables participants to receive instruction on proper use of a child restraint as well as a car seat at a discounted price
  • Is offered at 7 locations throughout the County and is not limited to primary caretakers
  • Allows motorists who have been cited for not having their child properly restrained the opportunity to obtain education concerning the importance of child seat use and to have the points obtained from the incident to be waived

For additional information on C.R.O.P., contact F.S.C. at (407) 831-7200.

CameraView photos from some of our Child Passenger Safety Program events.

Safe Kids CPS Forms:
Buckle Up Program Application [Financial Qualifications] (PDF) [109KB]
 Educational Car Seat Program Notification Letter (PDF) [213KB]
 Educational Car Seat Program Schedule Jan - Jun 2016  (PDF)
Car Seat Fitting Station Schedule Jan - Jun 2016  (PDF)
PDF Safe Kids Florida Child Passenger Safety Program Checklist (PDF) [462KB]
Seminole Safe Kid Web Site

School Crossing Guard Program

School Crossing GuardsThe Seminole County School Crossing Guard Program has 132 School Crossing Guards throughout Seminole County that have designated posts. The program includes going to the multiple schools throughout Seminole County, teaching safe crossing, stranger danger, bullying issues and bicycle helmet safety, among others initiatives, to the students and parents during PE classes, bike rodeos, family fun nights and PTA meetings. The program was recently named “State of Florida School Crossing Guard Program of the Year” and demonstrates a strong commitment to child traffic safety and awareness through their many initiatives. They have gone to great lengths to support our county with a variety of public education information and implementing police enforcement and engineering measures. This support and dedication to service the community helps the crossing guards with the important task of protecting Seminole County children as they travel to and from school.


Reynolds' Right Hands Reynolds' Right Hands was founded in 2009 after a beloved teacher, Ms. Christy Reynolds, of Crooms Academy of Information Technology in Sanford, Florida was killed in a car crash. Instead of sitting back and letting more traffic fatalities occur and tragedy strike even more families in the Sunshine State and abroad, students from Crooms came together to promote a message-- TTYL I'm Driving.

The mission of RRH is to bring awareness of proper traffic safety practices and the dangers pertaining to distracted driving, to educate and empower young people and involve youth in spreading this message, and to ensure adequate legislation and political leadership is met with these goals by collaborating with every level of traffic, educational, and government agency involved in public safety. Starting as a student-led grassroots campaign, Reynolds' Right Hands is on a path to grow nationally. Reynolds' Right Hands has the capability of mobilizing their program anywhere in the U.S.      


Several members of the Seminole County CTST have recently received their "Operation Lifesaver" certifications and are now eligible to make presentations concerning Railroad Safety. Operation Lifesaver is a nationwide, nonprofit public awareness program dedicated to ending collisions, fatalities and injuries at highway-rail grade crossings and on railroad property.

In Seminole County alone, there are 58 public at grade motor vehicle highway-rail grade crossings. We know that most collisions occur with trains traveling under 30 mph and within 25 miles of the driver's home. There were 810 injuries and 261 fatalities resulting from crossing collisions nationally in 2010, and there were 382 injuries and 451 fatalities national trespasser incidents. 

These "Operation Lifesaver" presentations can be suited for all age groups.

Train Safety Week


Car Seats The $2 Dollar Difference Program has been going strong since 1995. The program allows individuals who register vehicles in Florida to make a $2 or more contribution to purchase child safety seats for needy families living in their own county. The $2 Difference Program, administered by each County Tax Collector, allows individuals to donate money each time they register their vehicle or renew their tag either at their local tax collector's office or through the mail. Every dollar donated is returned to the county in which it was received, and is used to purchase child safety seats for families who cannot afford them. The seats are then distributed by agencies, such as the Florida Highway Patrol, which have been designated by the Tax Collector in each county. In turn, parents and guardians who are recipients of the seats are given instruction in the proper installation and use of the child safety seats by AAA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians.

As of January 2011, a total of $907,492 in donations has been received through the $2 Dollar Difference Program (and other generous private donations) from which 20,000 child safety seats have been purchased for needy Florida infants and toddlers. Thanks to the success of this valuable program, Florida's children whose parents or guardians cannot afford child safety seats are provided with seats free of charge along with the necessary training to properly install and use them. The $2 Difference Program is a highly successful program, which helps ensure that children, our most precious cargo, continue to ride safely on Florida's highways.

Your $2 Makes a Real Difference!

How can you help?

Donate $2 when you register your vehicle or renew your license plate at your local County Tax Collector's Office or through the mail.

Just check "YES" for the $2 Difference Program to provide child safety seats for needy children in your own county.

All money donated in your county is used to buy child safety seats for families living in your own county who can't afford them.

Thank You so much for doing your part to make sure Florida's children ride buckled up on our roadways.

For more information, contact:
Pete Kelting at (407) 665-1391


Share the RoadThe Share the Road license plate helps raise funds to educate all citizens to the laws for bicycling, walking, and motoring in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida. Florida leads the nation in bicycle and pedestrian fatalities and injuries. We want to change this and YOU can help. Help bring awareness to the need for the safe sharing of the road. For more information e-mail, or

Bicycle safety links:

*Florida Department of Transportation Safety Programs
*Florida Bicycle Association
*Bike Florida
*Share The Road


In 2006, the Seminole County CTST in partnerships with Florida Bicycle Association, Metroplan Orlando and the Florida Safety Council helped launch the "Alternative Transportation Education" program. The program educates persons, who have lost their driving privileges, about the various transportation options: public transportation, walking, bicycling, carpooling, and taxis. The course addresses not only laws and safety issues, but also ways to make those alternatives work better for them, as well as how to interact safely with pedestrians and cyclists when they do regain their driving privileges. Over 2,000 people have attended the course since 2006.


Big Train Little Car

The Railroad Safety Awareness campaign was developed by the Seminole County CTST and has been so successful that it is being copied around the state. This campaign was developed in an effort to educate motorists of the dangers associated with stopping on railroad tracks and ignoring the traffic control devices, which are activated during the times of an actual train crossing. Approximately every 100 minutes a train collides with a vehicle or a person. You are 40 times more likely to die in a collision with a train than in a collision with another motor vehicle. The specialty signs created for this project are currently installed at five high volume railroad crossings in Seminole County.



  • All children under the age of 6 must be properly restrained no matter where they are sitting in the vehicle.
  • Children through age 3 must be secured in a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer's integrated child safety seat.
  • For children aged 4 and 5 years, a separate carrier, an integrated child safety seat, or a safety belt may be used.
  • Drivers are responsible for buckling up the child.

FLORIDA'S SAFETY BELT LAWS        Buckle Up No Excuses


  • All front seat occupants must buckle up,  regardless of age.
  • Passengers under the age of 18 must be belted in either the front or the back seat of the vehicle.
  • The driver is held responsible for passengers under the age of 18 who are not buckled up.
  • Passengers 18 years of age or older may be individually fined if they are not buckled up.