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The following is the Special Needs Registration forms. See the bottom of this page for other important forms and documents.

  1. Special Needs On-line Registration Form
  2. Special Needs Printable Registration Form
Special Needs Program Overview 

Special Needs Individuals are those with health or medical conditions who meet the program criteria or need transportation assistance during an evacuation. Those individuals meeting program criteria are provided sheltering and/or transportation assistance within the available resources of Seminole County. Seminole County Special Needs shelters are mainly in elementary schools.

The Seminole County Special Needs Program is a voluntary program that should be considered by individuals who have NO alternative than a public shelter or, need transportation to a shelter. The Office of Emergency Management recommends using this program only as a "last resort" and individuals with special needs should consider sheltering with relatives or friends prior to the use of a shelter.

If other alternatives are not available, individuals electing to use a Special Needs shelter, or any public shelter, should bring cots, bedding, medicine and medical supplies and food supplies for each person to be self sufficient for at least 72 hours. 

Criteria for Special Needs Emergency Shelter Program

An individual meets the medical criteria for assignment to the Special Needs Emergency Shelter if:

They require assistance with ostomy and indwelling catheter management.

Activities of daily living are so restricted by immobility.

They have a respiratory condition requiring special equipment such as monitors or oxygen.

There may be other conditions which would render an individual eligible for special needs emergency sheltering. These will be considered by the review of the registration form, by the Office of Emergency Management and the Health Department.

The special needs shelter is for those individuals who are not in a care facility, such as a hospital, nursing home or congregate living facility. These facilities are required to have an evacuation plan in place for their residents and patients to be transported to another healthcare facility. The Special Needs Emergency Shelter Program is for disabled citizens who are not part of a group facility and have no other alternative but to seek assistance from the county.

How to Register for a Special Needs Shelter

If you feel you would qualify for the Special Needs Emergency Shelter, you should print the registration form and return it to the Office of Emergency Management. Individuals can register themselves or a family member by using the same procedures. Seminole County Health Department will review each application to verify qualification.

Home health agencies are responsible for registering their clients with the Seminole County Office of Emergency Management, which maintains a database of special needs individuals. Individuals or families of special needs persons should question their home health provider to verify this is done on their behalf. 


Items to Bring to a PSN Shelter

Special Needs Shelter Locations

Special Needs Disaster Guide


Responsibilities of a Person with Special Needs and their caregiver

Caregivers from home health agencies are required to establish a plan to conduct routine visits to their clients who are at a special needs shelter. Where possible, each person staying at a special needs shelter should be accompanied by one family member or one companion who can serve as their caregiver for the duration of their stay.

Once shelters are opened and you need transportation, please contact the Citizens Information Line at (407) 665-0311.

If we can help further, contact us at: 
Seminole County Office of Emergency Management 
150 Eslinger Way
Sanford, Florida 32773 
(407) 665-5102