SCFD November 2017 Employee of the Month

Congratulations to FF Jason Cabal!
SCFD's November 2017 Employee of the Month

Jason Cabal was selected as SCFD November 2017 Employee of the Month

      While Firefighter/ Paramedic Jason Cabal has been on a light duty, he has been assigned to review reports as well as other EMS related jobs.  His assignment has been a great help in assisting field personnel with learning the new EMS documentation program. He has on numerous occasions been able to answer questions when they arise and walk his co-workers through problems. I believe working in the field has led him to be a benefit in accomplishing the much needed transfer of information from the administration’s view to actually what takes place on calls or on the operations side. In speaking with AC Kinley he states that Jason has been very helpful in making the Elite program a success.

Before the new program came out Jason was the go to person in Battalion one’s district for EMS Documentation issues that would arise. I know that he assisted many of his co-workers with computer related problems.  If you had a problem, all you had to do was pick up the phone and give him as call and he was happy to help.  His working knowledge of the program, and what the department was looking for was undoubtedly, an asset.  It is my understanding that at one point in the old program he was instrumental in the development and has administrative rights.

Jason was involved with developing a search function in Image Trend Elite so that Battalions and Lieutenants could find reports easily that had not been completed or checked.  Most recently Jason has been active in getting a connectivity issue fixed with the EMS tablets. Jason paired up with one of the IT personnel to make sure that rockets would connect to the best possible source, so the uploading and transfer of patient information is faster and not lost.  He also has shown co-workers how to find and download a patients that are in the system by completing a patient data search.

It is my understanding that Jason has also been involved in developing the selection criteria for the paramedic preceptor program.  I also, found out that he is also helping with the new CAD project, purchasing/evaluating new EMS tablets and the GIS Pre-planning project that is getting back up and running.

Jason is an outstanding employee and puts forth an exceptional effort to do a great job. His demeanor is positively and beneficial to those around him.  I have always known Jason to be professional and a team player.  Thanks for making my job and everyone else’s easier by your dedication.