SCFD May 2017 Employee Of The Month

Lieutenant Christopher Baker is the May 2017

Seminole County Fire Department Employee of the Month.


Lt. Chris Baker was selected for May 2017 EOM because he exemplifies leadership and community dedication. He is a true motivator and his dedication to the public is unmatched. On an unspecified alarm a few months prior, E11 had ran to the east Altamonte Springs neighborhood of Grenada South in their first due and noticed that more than half of the homes were not labeled with visible addresses and had a difficult time locating a particular home that was not labeled. He explained and educated the occupant of the particular home on the alarm the importance of having a visible numerical affixed to the home or mailbox, but felt he could do more. He took it upon himself to do something about it. Not only did he take note because this particularly is a hazard for responders not able to see the numerical when attempting to locate a specific home on an alarm when they call 911, he noted many of the mailboxes themselves were old, rusted out, or damaged. In the next several weeks, he personally coordinated and corresponded with the community HOA representative and with the help of the E911 Admin office, Warehouse personnel, and the Public Safety Outreach office, he obtained the necessary paint, numerical stickers, and supplies for a project of this magnitude. As if he had not taken on enough, he also had assumed the task of, in coordination with the Fire Prevention office and donations from the American Red Cross, obtaining and installing smoke detectors for homes in need for the area to be canvassed. On May 6th, his project came to fruition and the crews of E11 and R11 B-Shift carried out the mission. The crew, led by Lt. Baker, made an enormous impact on the community by painting and touching up mailboxes and installing new address numbers on over 50 homes throughout the neighborhood. The crew also installed 58 smoke detectors in 40 homes. The sheer joy of the citizens and homeowners seeing their local firefighters in their homes helping them install lifesaving equipment and putting their personal touch on their mailboxes would fill anyone with pride. Lt. Baker takes enormous pride in the community he works with and also takes every opportunity to organize a quick PR on the fly. Whether it be at the gas station when fueling the truck and taking the time to show kids the engine and hand out toy helmets, visiting the local Girls and Boys club to educate kids about our job and fire safety, or taking on an incredible community outreach project that will touch the lives of citizens for years to come, he thoroughly enjoys making an impact in people’s lives.

This not only made a potentially forgotten community feel important while making a difference in the lives of so many, while making them safer as a community. Chris not only affected this community for good but he helped influence so many including multiple kids who were overjoyed to see fireman and fire trucks in their community to help other than emergency situations.


Kudos to Lt. Baker for his leadership and to his entire crew as they worked as a team to accomplish this endeavor and made the community safer.  Great job to Lt. Baker and the entire crew at station 11,FF/PM D. Zink, FF/PM M. Combs, FF K. Allen, FF S. Thilmony.