SCFD January 2017 Employee Of The Month



Christopher Askew, Firefighter/Paramedic,

Seminole County Fire Department was selected as

SCFD January 2018 Employee of the Month.

          Everyone has some talent that they are proficient at doing and certainly use it for their own personal gain outside of work for profit.  Firefighter Chris Askew is very technical when it comes to computer graphics and video editing.  This was quite evident when I was asked by the SCFD Honors Committee to prepare a retirement video using photos of the hard working men and women who were being recognized in December of last year. 

          Being recently assigned to Fire Station #41 and a current member of the honors Committee, I had no other to turn to but one of the best out there, if it was to create an impact in recognizing our retirees.

          I was pretty sure that it was going to come at a price when asked.  Upon requesting his help, Firefighter Askew offered to complete the entire video free of charge using his own resources and asked that he not get recognized for this efforts.

          On the day of the event I believe it simply would not be fit to not recognize Firefighter Christopher Askew for his selfless act in helping to recognize our retirees at the last awards ceremony.  Thank you Chris for a job well done.