SCFD Employee Of The Month June 2017

MANNY GONZALEZ , CAD Administrator

SCFD Employee of the Month

June 2017

 For so many reasons, Manny is worthy of this recognition. He has proven to be true asset to the Communication Center and Fire Department as a whole because of his ability to work within the parameters of what he was initially given and is presented daily in terms of system and access limitations. He finds real solutions to problems that have plagued many in both Communications and Fire Services in the IT world of Seminole County Public Safety. Below is a list of the many project and systems he’s touched, developed and improved within the 10 months he’s been part of the Communications Team:

  1. Reorganized and moved the CAD Network to a new switch in the server room
  2. Upgraded to ProQA Paramount
  3. Added 1600+ suffix Response types to CAD EMS for better documentation and reporting
  4. Updated all Map Layers to 2017 and assisted with the MDT updates
  5. Programmed a map update script that expedited the map update process from 1hr per CAD PC to 5 minutes per CAD PC.
  6. Expedited the call processing report from 3 queries run daily to one query ran monthly.
  7. Built new monthly reports from scratch for each of the 4 reports.
  8. Built EC Roads in SharePoint and ArcGIS online to track road closures.
  9. Converted the Roladex to SharePoint and retired multiple obsolete servers
  10. Moved the Wireless Office database to a new server and retiring the obsolete server.  
  11. Built the EC Info SharePoint site that incorporated the Roladex, SIMS, and EC Roads.  
  12. Managed the VPN upgrade from RadioIP to Netmotion
  13. Currently programming the Telestaff system and training as the Telestaff Administrator.

Other activity.

  1. Execute and disseminate monthly reports
  2. Manage SIMS, Hazards and Roladex information. 
  3. Manage GIS layers and data
  4. Research and disseminated custom requests on statistical CAD data

In closing, I would like to say that Manny’s position and work is very much behind the scenes, but he has developed strong working relationships with Comm Center, field units, command staff, county IT and fire administration personnel because of his willingness to listen to the issue, take action and never give up!