Public Notice Notifying Seminole County Citizens Conflict of Interest

This is to notify Seminole County citizens that:

  1. Seminole County received grant funding under the State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) Program and the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

  2. These program regulations contain specific clauses prohibiting certain actual and/or perceived Conflicts of Interest (COI).

  3. Potential COIs must be reviewed with regard to County employees/agents, consultants, officers or elected officials or appointed officials of the recipients. The above-cited regulations of these Programs allow for the granting of exceptions, where:

    1. The Seminole County Attorney’s Office issues an opinion that there is no COI, with regard to State and local law;

    2. The Seminole County Attorney’s Office has determined that no State law has been violated because the case does not involve the acceptance of gifts from outside vendors in which the applicant has a financial stake;

    3. Any potential COI and any finding that there is no COI, is publicly disclosed prior to providing such assistance;

  4. Seminole County anticipates providing assistance to an employee of Seminole County in an amount not to exceed $20,000 in SHIP funds to assist with electrical issues and roof repair.

  5. Seminole County Attorney’s Office, which issued a legal opinion, that:

    1. The applicant’s participation in the Program presents no conflict with state or local law.

    2. The applicant is not involved in evaluating the request for assistance.

    3. The applicant is not given preferential treatment with respect to their application.

  6. Seminole County is obligated to publish this notice for a period of twenty-one (21) days on the Seminole County Community Services Department’s web site.

  7. Any comments or input may be submitted to:

    Stafanesha Rogers, HUD Administrator

    534 West Lake Mary Boulevard

    Sanford, FL 32773

    Telephone: 407-665-2386

    Fax: 407-665-2399