Comprehensive Review and Revision of the Seminole County Land Development Code for unincorporated areas

Seminole County is embarking on a comprehensive review and revision of its Land Development Code for unincorporated areas within the County.  The brief presentation “New Approaches to the Seminole County Land Development Code,” as prepared by Canin Associates, outlines the project.  This is a short summary of the issues that Planning Staff and the Board of County Commissioners have identified so far that need attention.

To ensure that nothing important is left out, we are seeking input from interested citizens about existing issues and possible improvements to the Code. (Note that earlier plans for an in-person meeting for citizen input were shelved for health reasons due to the current COVID-19 situation.  Another such meeting will be scheduled in the near future, when it can be done safely.)

From here, the Code revision process will follow the schedule shown below:

Step 1

Review Current LDC

  • Receive stakeholder input
  • Develop White Paper with analysis and recommendations

In progress

Step 2

Recommend Strategy for Rewrite

  • Identify Code sections to be rewritten
  • Recommendations for reformatting
  • White paper addressing proposed revisions

September 2020

Step 3

Prepare Draft Code Revisions

  • Multiple drafts as needed
  • Final draft

April 2021

Step 4

Final Approval/Adoption Stage

  • Formal presentation to P&Z Commission
  • Formal presentation to BCC
  • Final draft after adoption

June 2021

Please view the presentation and provide us with your comments or questions by June 19, 2020.  You may submit them by email to or by phone to 407-665-7377.  Thank you for getting involved.