SCFD Employee of the Month February 2017

Sharon Gregory, PIO/Public Education

is our

Seminole County Fire Department

February 2017

Employee of the Month

Sharon Gregory was nominated for Employee of the Month for her Community Outreach efforts delivering hands-only CPR.    This program was kicked off in 2015.  Since the program started in Seminole County a series of events have occurred.

Under the direction of Chief Oakes the Save a Life Seminole Program was established in 2016 and a Seminole County CPR Committee was formed that is attended my local fire departments, American Heart Association representatives, Seminole County Public Schools to name a few.  This partnership has grown to the delivery of multi-agency events to deliver hands-only CPR.

Sharon has been specifically instrumental in the delivery and coordination of hands-only CPR in the Seminole County Public Schools.  She not only schedules the courses for the unincorporated, she serves as the point of contact to coordinate with the municipal fire departments as well.  These classes are taught to all physical education students.

Through her delivery of the classes she has encountered students that have a passion for being involved in promoting students to learn hands-only CPR.  One example is a student named Hannah from Lake Mary High School that encountered a life-changing vehicle crash and wasn’t expected to ever walk again.  After a lengthy recovery she was not only able to walk she wanted to make a difference in the community.  She heard about the hands-only CPR training and contacted Sharon to schedule an event at Lake Mary High School.  In addition, through this contact made by Sharon, Hannah attended the Board of County Commissioners meeting and presented her story during the EMS Week Proclamation and the launching of Save a Life Seminole.  This had a powerful impact on all that attended that BCC meeting.  Without Sharon’s commitment and dedication to this program this opportunity wouldn’t have happened.

To date, Sharon has trained over 2,500 participants in hands-only CPR.    Of that 2,500, approximately 1,200 were Seminole County Public School students.  She is scheduled to train approximately 500 additional students this month at Winter Springs and Lake Howell High Schools.  It is anticipated she will train another 500-600 by the end of the school year.  Sharon’s effort is teaching the future the importance of knowing hands-only CPR to Save-A-Life is why she was selected for Employee of the Month.