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Christine Patten
Library Services Manager
Library Services
215 North Oxford Road
Casselberry, FL 32707
Phone: (407) 665-1505
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Seminole County Public Library

Customer Comments

What you've said about the library... 

This library is the hub of the Oviedo community.
Many, many people consistently visit and depend on the resources the library provides.
Very helpful staff. –Nancy P.

I have no computer at home. The library for me is a blessing. -M.R.

It is so valuable to both me and my family.
I personally would highly support increased library funding.
It is a basic American belief - free, public libraries. -Teresa K.

The story time programs are excellent.
We attend several times a week and Saturdays as well.
Our son loves the programs and the craft on Saturdays.
Thank you so much for offering so many great programs so many times during the week. -Rebecca D

I cannot imagine a community without a library.
They are needed for more than just books --social exchange--knowledge of your wonderful staff.
They always have answers to my many questions! -Marilyn C.

The library is very helpful and I use its services a lot.
I use the library computers and free Wi-Fi. 

I recently attended a meeting for Kindle owners.
I found it very helpful and I am ready to check out books. Thanks, Jill G.

I bring my grandchildren all the time to programs. 
They socialize with other children they would not otherwise meet.

It is my ONLY source of information.  The librarians are super. 
I don’t have a computer at home and treasure the opportunity to use a library computer.

The library is very important to us.
We home school and many of the books we use come from the library.
It greatly helps enrich our studies and keep out cost down. We use the library every week.

A lending library is a wonderful privilege in America... It is
an endless source of education and adventure!

Great access to current reading materials - a big plus since I just got laid off. I will be back for job info in the future .

Story times and children's programs at the library are a great learning tool for kids,
especially for parents who cannot afford daycare or preschool.

The library is very important to myself and family.
We don't have computer at home so we
depend on the library so that I can finish college
[and] get my assignments done on time.

I read every night to help pain. I "travel" out of myself and my problems.
Learning new things from my reading keeps my mind nimble as I age and aware of my ever changing world.
The library staff is exceptionally cheerful and helpful.

Very important to people who don't have
 access to the Internet. Helps the community a lot.

Libraries are a basic right/privilege to live in a community –
at least that was what Benjamin Franklin thought. I attend meetings here,
rely on the available research and use the online resources.


These are just a few of the customer comments from Florida Library Snapshot Day.
Check back to see if we've added yours!