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Information Services

GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

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Seminole County Real Features Interactive Map. Contains many of our GIS layers Find Location of Govt Services such as Tax or Licenses Aerial Photography More Interactive Maps and Other Digital Maps Seminole County GIS Data Download
The Information Kiosk My Govt. Services Aerial Photography Other Featured Maps GIS Data

Seminole County GIS is a geospatial resource for not only county and city staff, but its businesses and residents as well. Our GIS Library has over 300 layers of information. We also maintain aerial photography (historic and current).

Click on any of the above links to access some of our Interactive Web Maps or download and print some static maps (pdf). Please note that some of our web maps are down between 5 and 7 pm on Fridays for maintenance. Use the My Resident Page.This is a great alternative and provides a listing of information.

GIS Data is available for download as Esri ArcGIS 10 geodatabases. The  Information Kiosk Web Map provides detailed parcel information - landuse (zoning, FLU), utility providers, garbage collection days, schools zones, political districts, trails and parks, and contains many GIS layers, including aerial photography. View the Quick Help or the Detailed Help. Need to visit a location for Govt Services? Try our new My Govt Services Map - just enter a relevant keyword!
 Need to see just one specific information? Try a map from the Gallery below