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James Carnicella
Interim Human Resources Manager
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Human Resources

Benefits Information Summary

Full time employees of Seminole County enjoy the following benefits
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Competitive Wages: Our pay-for-performance system includes competitive hiring salaries. 

Paid Time Off:
New full-time employees accrue 20 days per year of Paid Time Off (16 days for 24-hour shift personnel). Accrual rates increase with service time.

Paid Holidays: An 11-holiday schedule is approved each year by the Board of County Commissioners. This includes two personal days.

Bereavement Leave:
Employees may receive up to one week paid leave per fiscal year for absence due to the death of an immediate family member. 

Florida Retirement System: All employees in regularly established positions are automatically covered from the first day of employment. All employees (except those in DROP) must contribute 3% of their gross pay, effective July 1, 2011. 

Employees Assistance Program: Our EAP provider can help employees and their families with issues such as personal/family matters, financial debt counseling, substance abuse, etc. 

Training and Development Program: The Employee Learning Center provides training opportunities for employees which promote performance, enhance employees' work life experiences, and support the organization's plan. 

Credit Union: County employees are eligible to join the Fairwinds Credit Union. 

Sick Leave Bank: Eligible employees may donate and apply to withdraw hours from the Sick Leave Bank. The Sick Leave Bank provides temporary continued income for employees experiencing serious illness or injury necessitating an extended absence.

: Includes exercise equipment, resource library, and educational programs. 

Health Insurance: Employees may choose from two Point of Service (POS) plans. Dependent coverage is also available at employee expense. 

Life Insurance: Life and Accidental Death-Dismemberment Insurance for employee equal to one time annual salary.

Long Term Disabiltiy: County employees are eligible to receive 60% of salary after 180 day waiting period.

Optional Insurance Features
Dental Insurance:
Three plans are available for employees and dependents at employee expense.

Additional Life Insurance: At employee expense, additional life insurance up to five times annual salary; dependent coverage also available. 

Short-Term Disability Insurance: 60% of salary for 6 months. 

Flexible Spending Account: A pre-tax account for childcare and unreimbursed medical expenses. 

Cancer and Dread Disease: At employee expense.

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