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Development Services
1101 East 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771

Building Division
1101 East 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771
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Phone: (407) 665-7050
Fax: (407) 665-7486

Planning and Development Division
1101 East 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771
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Phone: (407) 665-7371
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Development Services

Open Code Enforcement / Special Magistrate Cases

This information is provided to assist title companies and the public that would like to know if a code violation exists (on properties located within unincorporated Seminole County only) prior to a sale or closing and is based upon the best information available to the County at this time.  The information is updated daily.




1.    Search the spreadsheet by address and/or parcel I.D. number by selecting "Edit" and then "Find".  A small box will open below the toolbar.  Type the street name and/or parcel I.D. number in the find box and hit enter.  If the information you entered is listed on the spreadsheet, it will go directly to that page and the information will be highlighted and easy to find.  Be sure to use the left and right arrows on the find box to navigate throughout the entire spreadsheet in the event there are multiple entries for the same address or parcel I.D. number. 


2.    If the property you are searching for IS listed on the spreadsheet, please make a request for additional information on the subject property (including the Case Number(s) associated with the information you found on the spreadsheet) by one of the following methods:


a.     Via check – please make your $35.00 check payable to “BCC” or Board of County Commissioners ($35.00 for each address/parcel) and mail it, along with your written request (see link below for form) to:


Code Enforcement Office

Development Services

1101 E First Street

Sanford, FL  32771


b. Via credit card – please email your request to the following address:  Include in your email the address, parcel I.D. # and current owner of the subject property.  When your request is ready for payment, you will receive an email that will include the project number to use to make your payment as well as the link to our credit card portal.  NOTE:  There is a $3.00 convenience fee for all credit card payments.


If the property you are searching for IS NOT listed on the spreadsheet, the Code Enforcement Office does not have any open or pending violations for the subject property as of the date and time you searched the spreadsheet.  NOTE:  The spreadsheet is updated daily and only contains information from the Planning and Development Code Enforcement Office.  For information regarding open or pending building permits, contact the Building Division at 407-665-7050.  For pending violations within the Sheriff’s Office, contact 407-665-6650

To print the Code Enforcement Research request form, click on the link below:

Lien Fee and Violation Verification Request Form

To search for an open code violation, click on the link below:

Open Code Enforcement/Special Magistrate Cases