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Tina Williamson
Development Services Director

Development Services
1101 East 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771
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Building Division
1101 East 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771
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Phone: (407) 665-7050
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Planning and Development Division
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Development Services


What is it?

Electronic Plan Review (ePlan) is a web-based solution that allows plans for Building Permits and Development Projects to be submitted electronically, replacing the traditional paper-based review method.  ePlan will improve the plan review cycle, reduce costs associated with obtaining building permits and development approvals, as well as support green initiatives.

Please take a moment to review our user guides to learn how to apply for a permit online as well as the requirements and instructions for using ePlan Review. The guides are filled with pictures showing exactly how to move through the ePlan system. It is of high importance to follow to instructions in the ePlan Applicant User Guide completely to avoid unnecessary permitting and plan review delays.

Three steps to get started:

Step 1: Submit your request for a building permit application online
Request your building permit application online following the instructions in the How to Apply for a Permit Online User Guide and going to Building Permits Online.

Step 2: Setup your computer to use ePlan before attempting to log in
If you are new to ePlan Review, please follow the instructions on the ePlan First-time Setup Information page prior to logging into ePlan. Are you a Windows 7 or Vista user? If so, please ensure you follow the special instructions as outlined on the ePlan First-time Setup Information page.

Step 3: ePlan invitation email and upload documents/drawings
Upon acceptance of your request for a building permit application, you will receive an email invitation to use Electronic Plan Review to upload your application documents, plans, and any other required documents as outlined in the ePlan Applicant User Guide.

The following requirement applies to all licensed design professionals signed and sealed drawings and associated technical documents: 

Seminole County will transition to digital signatures issued by a 3rd party certification authority effective July 1, 2015. Customers may, at their discretion, submit their digital signature to Seminole County prior to submitting any permit or project applications.

  1. Obtain a digital signature certificate from any 3rd party Certification Authority (this is a commercial service provided by several companies).
  2. Complete the Digital Signature Affidavit form in hard copy and include the certificate information requested on  the Digital Signature Affidavit form (contained in the certificate under the “Details” tab).
  3. If raised seal, please rub so that it shows when scanned. 
  4. Scan this form after hard copy has been signed and name it in the following format:  
    a.[first name] [last name] digital affidavit
  5. Apply your digital signature image containing the certificate in the space indicated on the form and re-save the scanned file.
  6. Send
    a.The digital scanned copy of the affidavit to
    b.The hard copy form to Seminole County Development Services, Attn:  Jodi Doyle, ePlan Review System Administrator, 110 East First Street, Sanford, FL 32771. 

Your digital signature will be verified in both the digital and hard copies and distributed to County staff to download to their computers as a trusted certificate so they are ready to review any documents or drawings signed and sealed by your with your digital signature.  Note:  you may submit this form as described above at any time prior to or at the time of application submittal.

User Guides:
How to Apply for a Permit Online User Guide
ePlan First-time Setup Information
ePlan Quick Start Guide (NEW!)
ePlan Applicant User Guide (revised)
PEDDS Visual User Guide ***Effective July 1, 2015***Seminole County Development Services will no longer accept the PEDDS electronic signature signing/sealing method to coincide when the Florida Department of Transportation that will sunset the use of PEDDS.

Need to download PEDDS 3.7? Please use this link and follow instructions
PEDDS 3.7 (Please use these instructions)

Video Tutorials:
How to Install ePlan Components
How to View Checklist Items

ePlan Login
ePlan Frequently Asked Questions


Questions after reviewing the User Guides, Video Tutorials and Frequently Asked Questions?

For assistance with the process of applying for a permit online and/or using the ePlan system, please contact the
Building Division at 407-665-7050 or by email at and ask for an ePlan Coordinator.