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What is a "Residential Irrigation" Meter



What is a “Residential Irrigation” Meter?
“RESIDENTIAL IRRIGATION” meters are installed to separately account for the water used for irrigation. Water registered on this meter is not assessed a sewer charge.
“RESIDENTIAL POTABLE IRRIGATION METER” installation does not require an additional tap to the water main. The irrigation meter may be connected to the same service line that your house meter is on. Since there is no additional flow capacity, the irrigation meter cannot be larger than the existing service. There is a separate cut off valve for each meter so that one can be turned off independently of the other.
“RESIDENTIAL RECLAIM IRRIGATION METER” installation will be placed on the opposite side of the property from your house meter.
The Residential Irrigation Meter installation charge is:
-          ¾ inch meter - $265.00      1 inch reclaimed meter - $309.00
-          $45.00 Deposit
-          Misc Plumbing Perrmit fees
This Charge DOES NOT INCLUDE the following:
-          Backflow Prevention Device (BFP).
-          Installation of the Backflow Prevention Device.
-          Initial testing of BFP by Seminole County Approved Tester (Approved Tester list attached).
-          Building Permit (407-665-7050).
-          Annual Testing of the BFP after initial test.
-          Maintenance and repair of the BFP.
-          Connection of the irrigation system to this meter.
-          Monthly based meter fee of $12.15 for potable meters, $5.07 for reclaimed meters, applicable volumetric charges, and tax.
To initiate having a residential irrigation meter installed, please visit or contact the Seminole County Building Division at 1101 East First Street, Sanford; or telephone directly at (407)665-7050. APPLICATION
The Building Division will collect all applicable irrigation fees and charges. A separate permit application and appropriate inspection fee must be submitted to the Seminole County Building Department for the installation of the irrigation system itself and the installation of the backflow prevention device.
The Water and Sewer Division will issue a work order for the installation of the meter.
Utility field personnel will install and LOCK the meter.
In cases where the installation of the new meter is not possible, field personnel will return the work order stating the reason for denial of connection. The Water and Sewer Division will promptly notify the customer and refund the fees collected.
It will be the customer’s responsibility to have the backflow prevention device installed and the irrigation lines tied to the metered service.
After installation of the irrigation meter and backflow device, the customer will contact the Seminole County Building Division to schedule inspections of the backflow device and cross-connection. The meter will be unlocked after this inspection and the meter will be turned on. (48 HOURS NOTICE REQUIRED) Please contact the Water & Sewer Division at 407-665-2136 to schedule an initial backflow device test. There is no cost for this test.
For reclaimed water meters a second inspection is required by Water & Sewer personnel. Contact 407-665-2842 to schedule reclaimed inspection.
·        No irrigation meter will be installed until all fees have been satisfied.
·          All irrigation systems connected to potable water must have an approved backflow prevention device installed. The device must be installed to the guide lines below, and must be approved by inspection prior to turning water on to system at the meter. Certified Back Flow Providers     Installation Details 
Approved devices are:
1)    Reduced Pressure Principal Backflow Preventer (RP): conforming to ASSE 1013, AWWA C511, or CSA CAN/CSA-B64.4. A reduced pressure (RP) device must be installed at least 12” above grade.
2)    Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB): conforming to ASSE 1020, or CSA B64.1.2. A (PVB) must be installed at least 12” above highest sprinkler head, up to a maximum height of 36” above grade. Note: Systems that would require a (PVB) to be installed higher than 36” above grade must have a Reduced Pressure (RP) device installed in lieu of the (PVB).
·        When a hose bibb is installed between the meter and the backflow, or on the downstream side of a (PVB), a Hose Bibb Vacuum Breaker is required to be installed on the hose bibb threads:
·        The backflow prevention device must be installed immediately after the water meter and before the irrigation system.
·        The minimum of an (RP) device must be used, where a booster pump is installed on the service (house) side of the backflow prevention device.
·        Need to protect any potable water source from contamination (well, county, etc.). If the source of potable water is Seminole County utilities an (RP) is required to protect the potable system from a non-potable source such as a well.
·        Irrigation heads need to be located a minimum of 12” from structure.
·        Plastic piping supplying the backflow must be protected from ultraviolet light (sunlight). By means of an approved paint or an insulation.
·        Florida Statues Require a Rain Sensor to be installed on all automatic irrigation systems. The Rain Sensor must be located in an area where it can receive rain from all sides, 360 degrees. Note: Keep in mind 2nd story walls. Rain Sensors must also be secured to a permanent structure, such as fascia of a house or building.