Municipal Service Benefit Unit (msbu) Program

MSBU Applications In Process

Applications are currently (or were recently) in process for the following proposed or existing MSBUs:

Lake & Aquatic Vegetation Management

De Forest

Current Status: An application [April 2018] to assist lakefront property owners with creation of an MSBU for funding restoration and on-going aquatic weed control services on behalf of De Forest Lake has been completed. The required Petition to Create an MSBU was distributed in June 2018 and had an original filing deadline with of the MSBU Program of July 12, 2018.  On July 12th, the applicant was granted an extention for moving the deadline to July 16th at noon.  A “FOR” support rate of at least 65% is required for the MSBU request to move forward to the next step in the application process.  At the deadline for petitions to be received, there was NOT sufficient support for the MSBU request to move forward.

Background History: A Survey of Interest was received with sufficient support to accept an application to assist the community in their effort to secure an MSBU for funding lake restoration and ongoing aquatic weed control services through Seminole County.  De Forest Lake is approximately a 12.5 acre lake in unincorporated Seminole County, south of SR 46A and west of the SR417. An informative community meeting was conducted May 9, 2018,  at which representatives of Seminole County’s Lake Management Program and the MSBU Program presented information about the application in process, scope of services recommended by Seminole County, along with cost and assessment estimates.


No applications in process at this time.


English Estates

Current Status: The street lighting equipment within English Estates will be upgraded from standard roadway streetlights to LED streetlights in 2018.  The equipment exchange schedule was determined by Duke Energy to take place during the first quarter of the year.  There was a delay in procurement of equipment and the installtion is currently being performed with anticipated completion by the end of July 2018.

Background History: The MSBU Program received in June 2017 an application from the community HOA to upgrade the street lighting equipment to LED lighting.  The MSBU Program distributed a petition to the community by mail in September 2017 to determine if the upgrade request could be honored.  At the close of the petition process, less than 1% of the properties had responded in opposition to the upgrade. Based on the communitywide support for the upgrade, the equipment exchange was approved and scheduled to begin in 2018. As the petition was successful, the MSBU Program will coordinate with Duke Energy for an exchange of equipment to LED fixtures at the start of 2018. The upgrade in equipment is expected to have an assessment increase impact of $5.00 per benefit unit.


At the request of the Veramonte Homeowners Association {HOA} and with the support of the member properties, the decorative street lighting located in Veramonte and along Long Pond Road that has been funded by these properties will the taken out of service and removed as the supporting contracts expire. The contract for the streetlights on Long Pond Road expires October 3, 2017; and the contract for the equipment located within the subdivision expires March 28, 2018. The final assessment (2017) was reduced according to contract expiration dates. 


Rolling Hills

Current Status:  As is standard practice in Seminole County, a petition process is used to determine the level of community support for creating an MSBU. The MSBU Program mailed petitions to the properties included in the proposed assessment boundary on March 1, 2018. Property owner response is very important as it will be used to determine the level of communitywide support for the proposed MSBU. A support level of at least 65% was reached and exceeded and the community proceeded with the MSBU process. A public hearing was scheduled to present the MSBU creation request to the Board of County Commissioners for May 8, 2018.  At the Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing, the BCC voted unanimously to create the MSBU and move forward with the project.

These resources are available to assist property owners in making an informed decision:

Assessment, Petitioning & Process of Creating an MSBU

MSBU Program,, 407-665-7178

Environmental Remediation & Park Development Plans

Rick Durr, Seminole County Leisure Services Department, 407-665-2001

Background History:  The Seminole County Board of County Commissioners is in the process of finalizing a decision respective to the purchase of a property formerly known as the Rolling Hills Golf Course for the purpose of establishing a public park. The pending decision is in response to communitywide requests for the County to acquire this land for such purpose. There are certain areas of the property, due to former use, that require environmental remediation prior to being developed and used as a public park. Establishing funding for the environmental remediation is one of several factors being considered by the Board of County Commissioners in advance of finalizing a land purchase decision.

Creation of an assessment district {Municipal Services Benefit Unit "MSBU"} was recommended as the means for funding the required environmental remediation. The proposed assessment boundary for this MSBU includes 1160 residential properties located in close proximity to the property that would gain special benefit from this land being developed as a park. 


No applications in process at this time.