Lake Management

Lake Management: Restoration and/or Aquatic Vegetation Management


Seminole County provides opportunity for owners of waterfront property located in unincorporated Seminole County to receive lake and aquatic vegetation management as a public service when the services are funded by non-ad valorem assessment (i.e. creation of an MSBU). The services offered by the County serve a public purpose by protecting or enhancing the environmental qualities, utility, and/or stormwater management aspects of a waterbody. The creation of a lake management MSBU, as well as the on-going efforts to provide improvements requires community involvement and support.

An MSBU may be established to fund a one-time restoration project or to fund ongoing management of a waterbody with aquatic vegetation management as the primary objective. Restoration projects utilized the capital improvement assessment format that includes a one-time levy of an assessment with opportunity to participate in a financed repayment plan by which annual installment payments are collected through the property tax bill. Ongoing services utilize the variable rate assessment format through which assessments are levied and collected annually via the property tax bill. All properties that have special benefit as a result of these public services will be assigned an assessment that represents the equitable cost share allocated to the property.

The basic criteria for qualifying for these assessment-funded lake management services are as follows:

  • The specially benefited properties must be within the jurisdictional boundaries of unincorporated Seminole County. [Boundaries may be extended to other governmental jurisdictions if special agreements are established with other local government entities.] 
  • The assessment boundary of the MSBU must include at least two assessed parcels.
  • Creation of the MSBU must be supported by majority [65%] of the owners of specially benefited property.
  • Aquatic Vegetation Management and/or Restoration services are offered for a natural waterbody classified as a lake, pond, or waterway. [Constructed stormwater control features such as retention or retaining ponds are eligible for functional renovation services, but are ineligible for ongoing maintenance services. If the waterbody requiring renovation is classified as a retention pond (stormwater management), please obtain an MSBU application packet for Construction: Retention Pond Renovation


When an application is received for creating an MSBU for lake management services, Seminole County’s MSBU Program and Lake Management Program partner to establish a lake management plan and a financial plan for the waterbody. Both plans will give consideration to the needs of the waterbody, best lake management practices, outcome desired by the community, short- and long-term goals, and monetary constraints. The lake management plan, and subsequently the scope of services may contain several features:

  1. Chemical control of noxious/invasive aquatic plant species through herbicide treatments
  2. Biological control involves stocking with triploid grass carp fish (when hydrilla management is targeted in the service scope), and/or shoreline replanting with native plants. Note: Shoreline replanting is conducted independent of MSBU funding and is deemed a property owner activity (unless otherwise scheduled as a participatory planting event with other residents and volunteers).
  3. Mechanical removal of noxious aquatic vegetation. Disposal alternatives will be evaluated based on site location, nature and volume of vegetation to be removed.
  4. Excavating to remove accumulated sediment. Disposal alternatives will be evaluated based on site location, nature and volume of sediment to be removed.
  5. Other techniques authorized for assessment funding and deemed appropriate to the management of aquatic vegetation according to the Seminole County Administrative Code and the governing ordinance

Note: Lake restoration plans may include all features listed, while aquatic vegetation management plans are typically limited to features 1, 2 and 3 unless otherwise specified by the governing ordinance..

The lake management services funded by assessment are restricted to the activities deemed critical to restoring, developing and/or maintaining conditions that enhance the water quality and over-all health and utility of the respective waterbody; with aquatic vegetation management being limited to the water and the shoreline when/where noxious, invasive, and/or exotic vegetation could/would threaten or impede the waterbody. Native vegetation and/or vegetation that do not present a detriment to the waterbody as determined by the Seminole County Lake Management Program are not targeted as a priority within the scope of aquatic vegetation management services.

Detailed information and application is available in the Lake Management MSBU Application Packet. Additional information about lake management and riparian stewardship are also available from the Lake Management Program

Application Packet

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For more information about invasive plants, permits, and the Florida Aquatic Weed Control Act,please visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)at