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Process Steps

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Applicant requests, receives and reviews Survey of Interest and application packet. MSBU Program answers questions and responds to concerns about the MSBU process. Applicant coordinates survey of interest. Applicant completes and submits application with the required fee, Survey of Interest  and other required documentation.



MSBU Program reviews application and scope of services to confirm feasibility and acceptance of application. MSBU Program coordinates with the designated service department, obtains cost estimates, and offers detailed information regarding the requested MSBU. Information is available to applicant, liaisons and the community. [When applicable] MSBU Program confirms preliminary analysis fee and applicant submits prepayment of fee.



MSBU Program coordinates the Petition to Create MSBU process. Applicant and liaisons encourage property owners to provide response to petition.

[When applicable]  Applicant obtains and submits applicable easement and/or dedication agreements.



The Board of County Commissioners conducts a Public Hearing to consider creation of requested MSBU. If approved, a governing ordinance is adopted and an assessment lien is recorded in County Land Records



MSBU Program, designated service department and community liaison(s) implement service or project. For capital improvements, the Board of County Commissioners conducts a second Public Hearing after construction to establish final assessment based on actual project cost. Assessments (or installments) will be included on the first available tax roll.