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Seminole County Stormwater Inlet Marking Project

Seminole County Roads-Stormwater Division, along with the Watershed Action Volunteer Program, are planning a countywide stormwater inlet marking project. Since the implementation of the Clean Water Act, stormwater runoff has been identified as the largest source of pollution going into our waters. Everyone contributes to this pollution. All it takes is education and some simple but important guidelines to follow to help reduce this pollution in our waterways.

There are 16 different drainage basins within the County and over 5,000 stormwater inlets to mark. Depending on the location of the storm drain, a special plaque will be placed, with your help the says, "No Dumping, Drains to Lake Jesup, Lake Monroe, Econ River or Wekiva River."

This countywide inlet marking project will require many volunteers to help get the word out and the job done. If you or a group is interested in participating in this project, please give Elizabeth Stephens, Seminole County SERV Coordinator a call at (407) 665-2457 or e-mail at

You can also visit the Seminole County Watershed Atlas, a comprehensive source for information about the County's water resources, at