Countywide Operations


Herbicide Photo

The Herbicide Plant Management Section is a team of professionals responsible for controlling vegetative growth in the dedicated easements and rights-of-way within Seminole County.  This is achieved by a cost effective, integrated management approach designed to help control the growth or presence of any noxious, invasive, exotic and sometimes native species of weeds, grasses, trees and brush.

Herbicide Photo

This work is performed by three Herbicide Applicator Specialists who are licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  They are authorized to make treatment applications in the following categories: Right-of-Way, Ornamental and Turf, Aquatic vegetation and Natural Areas.


Maintenance control is achieved by herbicide application to the site of undesirable vegetation, which suspends or eliminates growth.

We are currently maintaining:

  1. 928 acres of roadside R.O.W. ditches and turf.
  2. 80.76 acres of canal and outfall ditches.
  3. Five telecommunications sites and a variety of drainage and utility
    structures. We are also authorized for any public state, county or city
    park, cemetery or memorial garden.
  4. 342 retention ponds