Fleet And Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Facilities Maintenance provides building maintenance, landscape maintenance, repairs, minor renovations, contract supervision, energy management, HVAC services and management of utility services for Seminole County facilities.

Facilities Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of over 218 buildings and structures totaling approximately 1.5 million square feet. The Facilities inventory consist of office buildings, fire stations, correctional facilities, the courthouse, the Juvenile Justice Center, the Animal Services facility, the County's libraries, and structures at the County's parks.

Construction Management Program
The Construction Management Program delivers new construction and major renovation projects. The program provides centralized Project Management Services for all County vertical construction and parks projects. Services include project scope development; cost estimating; project design; schedule development; construction management; budget control and analysis; and contract administration. The Program serves as a liaison between the County and all other project participants.

For additional information, please contact Facilities Management at (407) 665-5282

Fleet Services Program

Fleet Services develops, applies and maintains innovative, efficient and cost effective fleet maintenance methods to ensure proficient and safe utilization of County vehicles and equipment. These methods are applied to more than 2,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment.

Fleet Services also operates and maintains the County's vehicle refueling systems. We acquire and distribute over one million gallons of gasoline and diesel per year.

Seminole County purchased its first hybrid vehicle in March 2003.The County now owns 6 hybrid type vehicles that operates alternately on both either gasoline or battery power. Fleet Services continues to seek ways to reduce fuel costs and to help protect the environment.

For additional information, please contact Fleet Services at (407) 665-5288

Contact Numbers:

  • Seminole County Sheriff's Office Fleet: (407) 665-6940
  • Seminole County Board of Education (handles all school buses): (407) 320-7550
  • Seminole County Fleet Services Parts: (407) 665-5509

Contracts and Lease Management

  • Lease Negotiation, Process Renewals and New Contracts, Coordinate Maintenance and Repairs with Management Companies, Monitor Certificate of Insurance Companies, etc.
  • Process Renewals, Bidding New Contracts, Processing Increases, Receiving and Reporting Complaints, as well as Following up on Responses, Inspection of Services Rendered, Processing Commissions, etc.

Surplus Vehicles

Seminole County Fleet Services sends all of their surplus vehicles and equipment to:

George Gideon Auctioneers, Inc
2753 O.B.T. (Hwy 441)
Zellwood, FL
(407) 886-2211
Fax: (407) 886-2248