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ADA Transition Plan

E.E. Williamson Bridge


Seminole County Engineering Division, Public Works Department, is pleased to announce our kick off of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan (Plan). The Plan is to be used to bring related deficiencies within Seminole County Rights-of-Way into compliance with the ADA.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is a civil rights statute (hereinafter referred to as the Act) that prohibits discrimination against people who have disabilities. There are five separate Titles (sections) of the Act relating to different aspects of potential discrimination. Title II of the Act specifically addresses the subject of making public services and public transportation accessible to those with disabilities. With the advent of the Act, designing and constructing facilities for public use that are not accessible by people with disabilities constitutes discrimination.

The Act applies to all facilities, including both facilities built before and after 1990. State and local government, public entities or agencies are required to perform self-evaluations of their current facilities, relative the accessibility requirements of the ADA. The Plan is designed to address all ADA related deficiencies within Seminole County Rights-of-Way.

The Plan is intended to achieve the following:

  1. identify physical obstacles that limit the accessibility of facilities to individuals with disabilities,
  2. describe the methods to be used to make the facilities accessible,
  3. provide a schedule for making the access modifications, and
  4. identify the public officials responsible for implementation of the Transition Plan.

The Plan is required to be updated periodically until all accessibility barriers are removed.


Seminole County has implemented the first four steps of the Plan.

  1. Seminole County Engineering Division has designated Bill Wharton, as the ADA Coordinator. His contact information is as follows:

Bill Wharton

Transportation Planning Manager

100 E 1st Street

Sanford, FL 32771

Phone: 407-665-5730


  1. The first public notice of information is via this Public Works Department Web Site.
  2. The Division is working on the required adoption and publishing of procedures for resolving grievances arising under Title II of the ADA. The procedures are intended to set out a system for resolving complaints of disability access issues in a prompt and fair   manner. We are creating a grievance form that can be accessed through this website and e-mailed to our ADA Coordinator.
  3. The County shall adopt the accessibility guidelines established by the Federal Highway Administration and FDOT ADA standards, specifications, and design details. The County’s adoption of the accessibility guidelines and ADA standards, specifications, and design details are incorporated by reference into the County’s Engineering Manual which the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) should be adopting this year.


This ADA Transition Plan is required from the Public Works Department to cover all facilities under their control within County rights-of-way associated with transportation activities. The focus of this Plan is solely on Department managed pedestrian facilities in public rights-of-way. This typically includes sidewalks, pedestrian paths, curb ramps, street crossings, driveway crossings, crosswalks, median crossings, public transit stops, and pedestrian activated signal systems. The accessibility of pedestrian facilities in the public right-of-way is only one aspect for providing equal access to state government programs, services, and activities – but it is an aspect that affects many citizens in their daily activities.

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