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Housing Counseling

       Equal Housing Opportunity

UF/IFAS Extension Seminole County is now offering Housing Counseling classes.  Below is a list of the classes offered, with a short description.  All classes will be held at the Seminole County Extension Auditorium located at 250 W. County Home Rd., Sanford 32773. Program Brochure

See more information on what Seminole County has to offer for the Purchase Assistance Programs

All household income must meet or be below the amounts on the chart in order to participate in any of the classes:

Household Size Maximum Income
1-person $49,200
2-Person $56,160
3-Person $63,240
4-Person $70,200
5-Person $75,840
6-Person $81,480
7-Person $87,120
8-Person $92,760

Free HUD Approved Pre-Purchase Home Buyer Class

This 8-hour class will go over the steps to homeownership, the different types of Purchase Assistance available to you within Seminole County and other beneficial information that will assist you in the home buying process. The class is free and the certificate is free. We offer 4-hour (2 days) and 8-hour classes on a rotating schedule every month. Morning, evening, and weekend classes available. RSVP is mandatory and childcare will be available for potty-trained children ages 3-7. Limited childcare slots available. Older children may sit in on the classes.

Friday, January 13th & Friday, January 20th-9am to 1pm  Register

Saturday, February 25th - 9am to 5pm  Register

Saturday, March 18th - 9am to 5pm  Register

Saturday, April 1st & April 8th - 9am to 1pm  Register

Thursday, May 11th & Thursday, May 18th - 9am to 1pm  Register

Saturday, June 17th & June 24th - 9am to 1pm  Register

Friday, July 7th & Friday, July 14th-9am to 1pm  Register

Saturday, August 19th - 9am to 5pm  Register

Wednesday, August 30 - 9am to 5pm Call to Register

Saturday, September 2nd & September 9th - 9am to 1pm  Register

Friday, October 13th & Friday, October 20th-9am to 1pm  Register

Friday, November 3rd& Friday, November 10th-9am to 1pm  Register

Saturday, December 2nd - 9am to 5pm  Register

Foreclosure Prevention

This class will cover various ways to prevent forclosure and will show you the resources available to assist those facing foreclosure.

Thursday, March 9th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Tuesday, June 6th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Tuesday, September 19th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Monday, December 11th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

► Financial Coaching

Learn ways to stay financially stable, how to start saving, budgeting and maintain credit & financial accountability.

Coaching on Credit:

Wednesday, January 25th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Thursday, March 23rd - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Wednesday, July 26th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Monday, November 20th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Coaching on Budgeting:

Monday, February 6th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Thursday, October 26th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

► Small Steps to Health and Wealth

This course will assist you with balancing financialy and personal health. Information will be provided regarding good eating choices on a budget and how the two areas can work together for a well-balanced future.

Wednesday, February 1st - 6pm to 8pm Register                                      

Monday, April 24th - 6pm to 8pm  Register

Wednesday, September 13th - 6pm to 8pm Register 

Wednesday, November 15th - 6pm to 8pm Register                                    

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