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The Family and Consumer Science (FCS) Program provides solutions to improve your health, home, finances and family life.

Upcoming in-person programs at the Seminole County Extension Office and Seminole County Libraries

Upcoming live, on-line interactive health and financial webinars

ChooseMyPlate Teaching Aids  Nutrition Education Resources - for Community Educators

UF/IFAS Extension Solutions for Your Life provides a wealth of science-based information on the following topics:

Aging & Caregiving: As we grow older, many of our daily concerns change. Here you can find resources especially for seniors, on topics such as health, finances, and caregiving.

Children: Resources and information related to children's health, behavior, time management, and other topics important to families.

Food Safety: Information you can use about foodborne illness, food handling and preparation, and food allergies, among other important topics related to food safety.

Health & Nutrition: Exercise, proper nutrition, mental health, getting the right care, and preventing and managing disease are just a few of the health-related topics addressed here.

Health Care: Information about medicines, supplements, visiting your healthcare provider and finding health care coverage,

House & Home: Information about your home, such as making repairs, getting home insurance, buying and selling a house, dealing with a landlord, and keeping your home environment clean.

Money Matters: Everyone has to deal with money, whether budgeting, buying insurance, planning for retirement, or saving to buy a house. Use the resources on these pages to become a more informed and empowered money manager.

Relationships: The ways we communicate and interact with others help define who we are and determine the quality of our lives. The pages listed below provide information about relationships of all kinds.

Workplace: Most people will spend most of their lives working. This page provides information about creating a positive environment, understanding office dynamics, coping with stress, and other topics.


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