Urban Horticulture

Urban Horticulture Sample Analysis

Soil Samples

Most soil testing for landscape and vegetable gardens can be accomplished with a simple soil pH test. A pH determination can be done in our lab for $2.00 per sample.

How to Take a Good Sample

 • Take small, equal, samples of soil from 5-10 different sections of your property, mix together then scoop out a cup sample.

• Samples should be taken from a depth of 2 - 4" for turf areas , 2 - 6" for vegetable gardens and flower beds.

• Sample should be dry and clean of debris.

• Place the sample (at least 8 ounces) in a sealable plastic bag or other sealed container.

The soil needs to be completely dry for testing; if the soil is wet or damp, it will need to be air dried before testing.

Samples may be brought in Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm. Testing is conducted Thursdays 9-12 a.m. You will be called with results within one week.

A complete soil fertility test to determine amounts of nutrients in the soil can be performed only by the UF/IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory, Wallace Bldg., UF, Gainesville, 32611. Cost of this test is $7.00.  UF/IFAS Extension Soil Testing Laboratory Information