4-h Youth Development

4-H Curriculum

4-H Projects and Curriculum can be divided out into five major Program Areas
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*  Agriculture
*  Leadership, Citizenship, & Communication Expressive Arts
*  Individual, Family, and Consumer Sciences
*  Environmental 
*  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Within each of these program areas, 4-H members are able to choose from multiple projects.  All of the 4-H project books follow the motto of 4-H, "Learning By Doing".  Throughout the project, 4-H members will participate in hands on activities that require the youth to do activities, reflect upon the activity, new skill, or new information, and finally apply the new skill or information to their 4-H project and daily life.  This "Do, Reflect, Apply" approach is the basis for all 4-H projects. 

For a full list of 4-H projects check out the Florida 4-H Curriculum Website 

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