Utilities Engineering

Utility Gis Information

Per FL Statutes 281.301 and 119.07(3)(ee), the information contained herein is exempt from public access and disclosure. 

Authorized registered recipients of Seminole County Utility data are expected to NOT disclose it to the public, but refer any requests to Richard Orth, 407-665-2119

To register for authorization to access the Seminole County Utilities data, you must hold an active and current license as an Engineer.  We also authorize access to our data for those that are a representative of a Government Agency or Utility Provider.

CLICK HERE to register

Note: To view Seminole County Utility GIS data, you must have ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS Explorer (a free GIS viewer) installed.

Once you have been approved for access to Seminole County Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water GIS data, click here to be redirected to our secure online file sharing site, box.com.

For additional downloadable Seminole County GIS files, including streets, parcels, etc., please visit the

Seminole County GIS Website CLICK HERE.

To view the Seminole County GIS Information Kiosk Map, click here.