Solid Waste Management

Seminole County Landfill

Seminole County Landfill

1930 E. Osceola Road
Geneva, FL 32732


Landfill Operating Hours
7 Days a Week
7:30am - 5:30pm
(except certain holidays)

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The landfill property extends over 6,000 acres. It is a Class I landfill with a natural clay liner. Phase I of the landfill is capped and is 131 feet high. Phase II is the active landfill and is currently 73 feet high. Phase III will tie Phases I & II together and be 270 feet high. Gas Recovery and Leachate Removal Systems are installed on the site to ensure environmental compliance.


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LandfillThe landfill property consists of an administrative office, truck maintenance facility, white goods recycling area, tire collection area, yard waste processing facility, as well as recycling.

White goods are appliances. They are banned from the landfill disposal in the state of Florida, yet are accepted for recycling.  At the white goods recycling area, refrigerants are recovered from appliances containing freon, then the white goods are recycled by a scrap metal dealer.

Claw GrabberWhole tires are also banned from the landfills.  They are shredded and chipped and used in the manufacture of playground surfacing and as a  mulch alternative, or also as an alternative fuel source.

Yard waste is processed on the landfill property.  It is ground in a tub grinder to form mulch and used as an alternative fuel source.