Vacate & Abandonment

Vacate & Abandonment Of A Plat

The process for Vacate and Abandonment of Plat, located within the unincorporated area of Seminole County, requires review by Seminole County Staff, public notice, and approval from the Board of County Commissioners.

Plat vacate requests are reviewed by the County Commission during their regular meeting. The completed application must be accompanied by a site plan or survey/sketch of description of the vacate area and include letters of approval/disapproval from all utility companies that service the area.

The amount of time required for processing a request for Vacate and Abandonment depends on the type of request, timely submittal of required documents, and scheduling of the hearing with respect to established scheduling procedures. That time may vary depending on the information received and the completeness of your application. The approximate time is two months.

Once the application is submitted, and hearing date is coordinated with the project manager, the Petitioner must file a legal notice of the intention to vacate published in a newspaper of general circulation, in not less than two weekly issues of said paper.

If the request is approved by the Board of County Commissioners, the Resolution is recorded in the public records. The applicant pays the Clerk's recording fee for recording the Resolution in the Public Records. The Planning & Development Division will coordinate with the applicant payment of the fee established by the Clerk for recording the documents in the Public Records prior to recording. Checks are made payable to the CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT. After receipt of the check, the Planning & Development Division will record the documents, and mail the applicant a certified copy, thereby completing the Vacate and Abandonment process.

If you should have any questions regarding the Vacate and Abandonment process, please contact this office at (407) 665-7441.

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